Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss – How to Easily Farm Humanity

In Dark Souls, you’re an Undead Hero with a very tenuous grasp on his own humanity. Dying over and over again does that to a guy. But, if you’re tired of being dead and want to boost your stats without fear of running low on those precious humanity items, use this farming method to stock up. It can only be done fairly late in the game, but if you’re in need of some fast humanities and want lots of them, this is one of the best methods around. You’ll need the Artorias of the Abyss DLC or the PC Version of Dark Souls to continue. If you’re ready, check out the full instructions below.

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How to Easily Farm Humanity

  • To begin farming, you’ll need to reach the Chasm of the Abyss in the DLC expansion to Dark Souls. This area comes after the Oolacile Township, which you’ll reach after crossing the Royal Woods.
  • Equip the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring to boost Item Discovery. To find this ring, go to Sen’s Fortress and move the lever so that boulders roll down the west path. Allow six or so boulders drop down this path before switching them north. The boulders should fill the hole, allowing you to go down the west path to its end. Search the area for a corpse holding this ring.
  • To boost Item Discovery even more, use humanity. To maximize item discovery, use ten humanity. That’s the limit for Item Discovery buffs.
  • To help even further, get your hands on the Firestorm Pyromancy spell. This spell can be acquired from the Pyro trainer Quelana, found in the swamp of Blightown. She’ll spawn once you’ve upgraded your Flame to +10. Randomly, she’ll appear. Just keep checking the swamp, between Quelaag’s Domain and the turning waterwheel. She will not appear if you don’t find her before killing the Bed of Chaos.
  • Run through the entrance of the Chasm, down to where a swarm of ghostly Humanities are waiting. With all these items and abilities ready, you can begin farming.
  • The bigger the humanity, the deadlier. These floating ghostly shapes cannot be blocked, so bring a strong weapon and keep moving. Try to herd them around, and remember how to back out if you’re surrounded. They’ll simply try to phase through you to do damage.
  • If you have the Firestorm Pyromancy, use it once the humanities bunch around you. It will knock them back and kill most of them in one hit.
  • There is a high chance these enemies will drop humanities. With all the Item Discovery buffs, you can gain about ten humanities per run.
  • Kill off all the spirits, then return to your campfire. Using the campfire will respawn these enemies, allowing you to return and collect even more humanities. Rinse and repeat. Goodluck!

[Credit for this method goes to Youtube User Reaver1898]

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