Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Walkthrough

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    1. Video Walkthrough

The Abyss and the Dragon

    1. Head to the left and across the ledge. Follow the path all the way down until you reach the white light. You will bump into a cutscene here.
    2. This next boss fight against Manus is tough, but also a little easier than the first two. When you start the battle, he will turn to the side in increments. He will do this rhythmically. As soon as you see him stutter for a second, move out of the way- a quick lunge and strike with his paw is soon to follow. This boss’s other moves are telegraphed in much the same way. The trick is to anticipate the attack and to begin dodging before he gets into the motion.
    3. The more you wear the boss down, the more his frequency of attacks rises. Once you take about half of his health away, he will start attacking in frantic combinations. Stick to your strategy and try to watch his body movement and anticipate when he is going to attack. Take your openings when you have them, but keep in mind that this is mostly a defensive battle. His attacks hurt a lot more than yours.. trust me!
    4. Once you dispose of the abyss boss, use the bonfire to warp to the Oolacile Township.
    5. Give up the Soul of Artorias and you will receive a little something in return.
    6. Climb the stairs and talk to the giant merchant to buy some weapons. At this point, it should also be noted that you can visit Domhnall of Zena to get the Armor of Artorias. It’s quite worth it and I definitely suggest grabbing it.
    7. Head down the path and through the enemies until you see a huge dragon in the sky. If he hits you with his breath, he will kill you. Okay, so that’s no good right?
    8. Head back to where you went up the stairs to buy the weapons. The giant merchant will ask you if you’re having trouble with the dragon. Answer yes and let the conversation carry from there.
    9. The next cutscene is pretty epic. I won’t give it away, but once it is over, go back to where the dragon is.
    10. Kalameet is no longer able to fly, but he is still very formidable. If you haven’t got the Artorias armor yet, I would really suggest doing it before this fight.
    11. Kalameet is going to hit you with everything you can imagine. His physical attacks are very similar to those of the abyss guardian. They are often telegraphed.
    12. Kalameet’s flame attack is extremely devastating. If you do not use your shield, it will drain your health in a heartbeat.
    13. Despite all of the dragon’s powerful attacks, the best way to fight this battle is to STAY AGGRESSIVE. This will do 2 things: a) Keep you moving and make it harder on Kalameet to hit you and 2) Increase the rate at which you deal damage to him and, conversely, decreasing the amount of time the dragon is able to stay alive and attack you.
    14. Heal OFTEN. Keep your health at least 3/4 of the way up the entire time.
    15. After the fight, head towards the waterfall and climb the ladder. Head back the way you came from and report your victory over Kalameet. Congrats! Once you are done, head to the bonfire at Oolacile Sanctuary and continue on your way.

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2 Comments on Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Walkthrough

My Gums Are Drums

On August 24, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Step one: Select Prepare to Die.
Step two: Die repeatedly.
Step three: Start again on a lower difficulty.
Step four: Die repeatedly.
Step five: Watch part of an online walkthrough for the first few areas to get a feel for the general tactics.
Step six: Try again, die repeatedly.
Step seven: Watch the full walkthrough and tell yourself that it’s ok to give up because you watched the walkthrough and saw all the cutscenes.
Step eight: Play Top Spin.

Actually, no joke, when I first saw the title I thought it said ‘Prepare a Pie’.


On September 28, 2012 at 5:16 am

there isn’t any difficulty level options.