Darksiders 2: Gnomad Gnome Collectible Locations [Easter Egg]

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In a game as massive as Darksiders 2, you know the developers had to sneak in some super-secretive collectibles. Now you know, because scattered around world are four hidden Gnomes. Collect all four gnomes, and you’ll unlock a ridiculous weapon for Death to use on his furthering adventures. All four of these gnomes are incredibly difficult to find, so stick with us and check out our instructions below to get the clues you need to locate Darksiders’ trickiest secrets.

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Gnomad Gnome Collectible Locations

Reward: If you find all four Gnomes, you’ll be rewarded with the GnoMAD Scythes.

Gnome #1:

    Area: City of the Dead – Fourth Floor

  • At the northwest balcony, look for a hidden passage. You’ll find it behind a turning ledge that you can grab onto.
  • Open the door with the switch first, then turn around and jump onto the post, then jump to the wall and wall run left. Return to the hand holds, and use Death’s split soul to get off the nearby pressure plate, exposing a secret room.

Gnome #2:

    Area: Ivory Citadel – Second Floor

  • After purifying the pool on top of the westernmost tower, return to the northern passage that was previously covered in ooze on the second floor.
  • To get back to the tower’s top floor, follow the aquaduct and climb the wall, but don’t leave through the door. Instead, drop down to the balcony below and climb back up to the top of the tower.

Gnome #3:

    Area: The Weeping Crag – Third Floor

  • To find a secret area, you’ll run into a pressure plate / rising platform puzzle in the third floor of The Weeping Crag.
  • Past the platform is a portal. Open it, then turn east and use the stairs, turning north and looking up at the ceiling for another portal to open. Activate it, then return to the previous portal — the two portals should now be linked, and you’ll fall out of the ceiling portal into a secret room.
  • Inside the treasury, dive around the northern waters for a secret underwater tunnel.

Gnome #4:

    Area: The Black Stone – First Floor (Present)

  • Wait until after you’ve unlocked the door in the past. When you return to the Great Foyer, check the northern ridge for hand holds. Descend the ledges, and return to the present through the portal.
  • Now in the present, climb back up using the hand holds to the north and go through the now open westernmost door. The gnome is located deeper down the hall.

Note: This is a work in progress, check back as we continue to update.

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