Darksiders 2: Relics of Etu-Goth Locations Guide

The merchant Ostegoth, found just as you enter the Kingdom of the Dead for the first time, is looking for relics. There are three types of relics located throughout Darksiders 2, and if you can find them all, you’ll be greatly rewarded with a unique legendary item. Here, we’ll list where to find all the Etu-Goth relics hidden around the land of the dead. Find the full list of locations below.

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Relics of Etu-Goth Locations Guide

Find the full list of Ostegoth Relics HERE!

Note: This is a work in progress, check back as we continue to update.

Relic #1

Area: Kingdom of the Dead – Leviathan’s Gorge

  • Find the first relic by starting at the bridge and heading toward the cliffs northeast.

Relic #2

Area: Lair of the Deposed King – Basement Level 2

  • Descending the entrance steps, you’ll have to navigate some jumps to reach a final door down another set of ruined stairs.
  • After jumping down the set of broken stairs, turn around and look into the step ruins to find the relic before leaving through the door.

Relic #3

Area: Gilded Arena – Broken Stairwell II Area 13

  • Find this room after solving the statue room, when you have to give the lantern to the large statue.
  • Falling down the stairwell, turn around and head back up the stairs to find the relic on the third step platform. Do this after wall-running and dropping from the first set of steps.

Relic #4

Area: Eternal Throne

  • Look behind the giant throne to find this easy relic.

Relic #5

Area: Kingdom of the Dead – Sentinel’s Gaze

  • From the gaze, climb a Shadowbomb pod. At the top, look for a torch — the relic can be found close by.

Relic #6

Area: Phariseer’s Tomb – Third Floor

  • After collecting the Skeleton Key, you’ll enter a large chamber with tall columns. Here, you’ll have to defeat a new enemy called the Undead General.
  • When the combat is complete, check out the northwestern corner and smash the crates to find this hidden relic.

Relic #7

Area: Kingdom of the Dead – Spine

  • Start at the entrance to the Soul Arbiter’s Maze and head south. You’ll find the relic near the cliff’s edge on the eastern side.

Relic #8

Area: Judicator’s Tomb – First Floor (Northeast Section)

  • After defeating the boss inside the prison, you’ll enter a room with lots of platforming requiring to get through.
  • On the eastern side of the map, you’ll need to pull a switch and climb a wall to your right. While climbing, stop at the last of the climbing points and drop down. You’ll fall into a passage with the next relic.

Relic #9

Area: Psychameron – First Floor

  • Crossing the bridge, look for a platform containing this relic. You’ll find this room right before entering the boss arena for this dungeon, and just after leaving the winding maze-like tunnels.

Relic #10

Area: City of the Dead – Second Floor

  • Eventually you’ll reach a room filled with gates, and guarded by two Wraiths. Defeat the enemies, and you’ll need to solve a puzzle rotating a tetrino bridge. Start at that bridge switch.
  • Check out the southern wall with the switch perpendicular to find a relic.

Relic #11

Area: Lostlight – Path to Crystal Spire

  • Look around in the foliage outside of the gate to Vulgrim.

Relic #12

Area: Earth – First Floor

  • You’ll enter this area after completing the Noss encounter, dropping into the basement passage, and exiting out into a ruined hotel interior.
  • In the hotel’s entrance hall you’ll find a treasure chest. Across from the chest, look for a collapsed wall where the relic is hidden.

Relic #13

Area: Ivory Citadel – Third Floor (Start)

  • You’ll need to purify the water at the top of the western tower before continuing.
  • When that’s done, leap into the aqueduct, at the end you’ll jump down. Turn around and run through the water pouting from the aqueduct you were just on to find a relic hidden.

Relic #14

Area: Ivory Citadel – First Floor

  • When you enter the room, turn around and check behind a statue.
  • The room is later in the dungeon, a small chamber near the center of the map you won’t be able to reach until after removing the corruption and acquiring the skeleton key.

Relic #15

Area: The Black Stone – First Floor (Past)

  • After taking the eastern time portal back into the past, you’ll have to fight a handful of new enemies called Maelstrom.
  • Find the room off to the side with the Shadowbomb pod. From there, look in the southeastern corner when you revisit the past to find the last of these relics.

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