Darksiders 2: Relics of Renagoth Locations Guide

Darksiders 2 is a huge game with a large open world to explore with lots of side-quests to complete. One such side-quest is to collect every relic for a particular merchant you’ll meet early on. It’s a big fetch quest, and you might just need a guide to help you find every one of these elusive collectibles. Find every Renagoth relic below.

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Relics of Etu-Goth Locations Guide

Find the full list of Ostegoth Relics HERE!

Note: This is a work in progress, check back as we continue to update.

Relic #1

Area: Gilded Arena – First Floor

  • Inside the actual arena, look for a wall to climb to the east. From there, you can reach a tall ledge where you can grapple further using the Deathgrip ability. Do so to reach the relic.

Relic #2

Area: Leviathan’s Gorge

  • At the end of the western cliffs of the gorge, you can find a relic behind a stone and some foliage.

Relic #3

Area: Kindgom of the Dead – The Spine

  • Start at the Judicator’s Tomb and head east until you reach a cliff. You’ll find the relic near a tower along the cliff-side.

Relic #4

Area: Psychameron – First Floor

  • Once you’ve got your hands on the Skeleton Key for this dungeon, backtrack to the upper area of the map. On the way, use your Death Grip ability to reach a hidden area with the relic.

Relic #5

Area: City of the Dead – First Floor (Center)

  • Early into the City of the Dead, you’ll enter a large courtyard. You’ll find the relic near the locked dear leading to the boss fight for this dungeon. That’s the large northern door, from the center of the map.

Relic #6

Area: Lostlight – Crystal Spire Exterior

  • In the Lostlight area, reach the Crystal Spire. Circle around the Spire itself to find a hidden alcove with the relic.

Relic #7

Area: Earth – Basement

  • On Earth, you’ll eventually reach a derelict subway. Go north from where the Staff of Arafel was once located. You’ll find a relic hidden behind corruption crystals.

Relic #8

Area: Earth – First Floor

  • Just after leaving the subway and returning to the surface, look behind a car in the northwest corner of the streets.

Relic #9

Area: Ivory Citadel – Third Floor (East)

  • When you reach the east tower and finish purifying the water, you’ll need to use the aqueduct to continue. Drop once, then twice, then turn around to find a relic behind the water.

Relic #10

Area: Ivory Citadel – Second Floor (West)

  • On the western side of the Citadel, you’ll enter a tower with a portal-based puzzle inside.
  • When you find the puzzle, the relic is across from a switch nearby, after opening the gate so that you can easily enter and leave the interior of the tower.

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