Darksiders 2: Secret Chests Location Guide

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There are treasure chests everywhere in Darksiders 2, but not all treasure is equal. A handful of these chests have been cleverly hidden to make them nearly impossible to locate without some extra help. If you think you’re up for the challenge, check out the full list of secret chests below; where to find them, and how to get to them.

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Secret Chests Location Guide

Note: This is a work in progress, check back as we continue to update.

Secret Treasure Chest #1:

Area: Tri-Stone

  • Shoot 5 pots in far-off locations. Two are down the main street, another is near Alya’s location, and the last two can be found near Muria’s location.

Secret Treasure Chest #2:

Area: Lost Temple – First Floor

  • In the temple, you’ll be trapped inside a large round arena and ambushed by Constructs and Sentinels.
  • Complete the enemy combat scenario in less-than 5 minutes to make the secret treasure chest appear.

Secret Treasure Chest #3:

Area: Foundry – First Floor

  • This area will appear while searching for the second Heart Stone. Entering a series of crumbling ruins on the eastern side of the map. Look for a western wall to climb to reach a high balcony guarded by Prowlers.
  • On the balcony, after killing the enemies, destroy every pot on the balcony.

Secret Treasure Chest #4:

Area: Gilded Arena – Basement Level 3

  • Destroy all three of the huge gravestones, then kill the enemies that attack.

Secret Treasure Chest #5:

Area: Forge Lands – Fjord

  • Once you’ve got the Soul Splitter, return to the Forge Lands in the Overworld and check out the Fjord. Look around the East Keep.
  • Split up and step on both pressure plates. Then, look at the upper balcony for four pots. Blast all four.

Secret Treasure Chest #6:

Area: Earth – First Floor (Southwestern Street)

  • While on Earth, you’ll encounter a giant monster called a Noss. Later in the area, you’ll encounter a second giant Noss. That’s the area you want to search, after you’ve defeated the enemy.
  • Look near the bridge and the subway entrance. There are four mailboxes between, smash all four.

Secret Treasure Chest #7:

Area: Ivory Citadel – Second Floor

  • Eventually you’ll reach a large southern floating island. The chest can be found when you circle around to the east side of the island.
  • You’ll need the Voidwalker before you can unlock this chest. In the citadel, look for a portal to your north, and another portal near a Shadowbomb Pod.
  • Run back to the portal away from the Corruption crystals, and throw a bomb through the portal to destroy the crystals. The chest is under the crystals.

Secret Treasure Chest #8:

Area: Ivory Citadel – First Floor

  • Near the beginning, after crossing from the center of the map east across a long bridge.
  • After fighting the Corrupted Angel, you’ll cross a bridge onto a small floating island with another Holy Fire Node.
  • Look for the portal, and look beyond the wall. Smash the four pots located behind the standing wall. When they’re all broken, a chest will appear.

Secret Treasure Chest #9:

Area: The Black Stone – First Floor (Past)

  • At the southern portal to the future, break all the nearby objects to make the chest appear. There’s another large chest inside the circular room.

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