Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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The Arena

  • If you head all the way to the bottom of the circular staircase in the Arena, you’ll pop out back in the world. Meanwhile, head into the Arena. You’ll use a giant lantern to open the next door.
  • In the next room, there are two chests, one at each end of the room, one beneath the platform where you started, one beneath the far end.
  • And of course since nothing’s easy, you have to SUMMON the champion rather than just waltz in and throw down with him.
  • Move your way around to the right and throw a small opening in the wall before you. Take the door you find there into the bowels of the Arena. At the bottom you’ll run into a horde of skeletons, and then another small group with a bigger leader. Group control attacks and juggles will be the order of the day.
  • In the next section, climb the dais and use your grapple to retrieve bombs. Use said bombs to blow away the crystals, then use your grapple to retrieve the lantern. Put it on the switch atop the dais, then follow the path behind the bombs all the way around. Use the switch to open the gate and use your grapple to retrieve the lantern. Follow the path to a lantern rotator without a light, and put it together. Voila.
  • Use the lantern to get into the next room, and there you find your first Animus Stone. You will, of course, be attacked on the way out. Head off to your left on the way back to find a Map.
  • When you get out, a new path will open and you’ll be attacked by skeletons. Take them out and head into where they came from. When you reach the second level, turn right and look for more skeletons, which will lead you to the path which will curve around to the right, above where the first skeletons came from, only two levels up.
  • Head in, up the curvy staircase and look out over the chasm. See the bombs? Retrieve them with the grapple and use them to blow up the crystals to both sides. This opens up a path for later, and a path that will take you to a chest.
  • Now rotate the lantern, use another bomb to clear the area, and then follow the path for later. Rotate the next lantern 180 degrees to open the door across the way. Follow that path for a chest and a lantern. Bring the lantern back to the rotating lantern stand, put it down, rotate the stand another 90 degrees and go across the bridge for a Page. Then rotate it another 180 degrees and put the detached lantern on that platform. Return to the other side and grapple the lantern back. Carry it up the spiral stairs to move on.
  • In the next section, if you drop straight down through the first opening, you’ll find another Relic. After that, there’s a room with a LOT of stuff to bust up for gold and potions. After that, you’ll come out into a big open area where the next Animus Stone is, and you’ll come under attack. I mention it because you’ll face a pod of those bug guys, AND a number of skeletal archers, who are a pain if you don’t stay on top of them.
  • After that, head up and out, look across the way for a chest, and then throw the switch to get out.
  • Now for the third stone. Head up to the second level and then go through the central door. The first real puzzle inside is nifty. Stand on the platform to raise the bridge. Grapple a bomb off it. Then move to the dais at the end of the room and throw the bomb at the switch to move through the secret passage!
  • I accidentally Reapered out on the guy you face before you grab the last Animus Stone and I made mincemeat out of him.
  • The next battle you face is Gnashor. Grab him by the grapple when he surfaces and pound on him. Avoid him when he rolls. After just a few tries of this, he’ll surface for good and take on a new form. You can grapple onto his head to get in some air attacks, and that’ll help you take him down quickly. Otherwise, avoid his heavy whip attacks, and pound on him otherwise. When he goes back to ground, he’ll do damage every time he pops up, but you can see where he’ll be popping up quite easily. You only need to get him down to about 1/8th of his life for him to be done.
  • You can return to the Eternal Throne now to turn in your prize and stock up, sell loot, etc. You also get another Achievement.

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