Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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The Phariseer

  • After the Lord of Bones gives you your assignment, look for a Relic behind him. Once you’re done, you can hop to close to the Phariseer’s turf and ride the rest of the way.
  • This is an elevator that you whack with a weapon to activate. At the bottom, look for handholds on the left. Climb them to destroy the crystals across the way. Retrieve the chest and then use your grapple to pull the big tower off the platform. Place it near the grilled gate, then climb on the switch. Use a bomb to shove the tower a little bit forward to prop open the gate.
  • At the next elevator, cross to the other side. There’s a chest and a Page behind it.
  • At the elevator, hit the 1 button. At the bottom, head North. Climb the wall on the right to reach a switch. Drop it down and cross over. In the back left corner is the Map. Now turn around and see a bomb. Pull it down, and throw it across at the switch. Then go back where you came in and shoot the bomb. Jump across and grapple twice to the far side. On the way out you’ll face a new opponent, the wraith.
  • Now take the elevator up to level 3. In the next section you’ll face several wraiths and then a giant General. Once they’re done, make your way through the third level. When you are as far away from the elevator as you get, you’ll throw a switch. Beneath you is a pillar you’ll haul across the way. But look across first. When you see a grapple point, you’ll use that to ascend to find a Page.
  • Go back the way you came after you install the pillar. Go to the second floor now, and enter the glowing door. Meet the Phariseer. By now, he should be a snap. Across from where you entered, drop down to level one and enter the door to the South to use your new ability. There is crystal blocking a path out of the room, blow it up and drop down here. Use the Dead Lord to hold the plate so you can access the chests. When you get all of them, you will be attacked. Use him to back you up, as there are two bigass undead knights, wraiths, and mummies all packed into a very small space.

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