Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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  • Head back to the Gilded Arena and return to the arena space itself. It’s just THAT easy. And by it’s that easy I mean you get attacked as soon as you pass through to your destination, naturally.
  • The nifty thing about this dungeon is that now you can deploy TWO Dead Lords to do your bidding. In the first room, get on the elevator before you place the second one. Use them both to cross the bridge and pass through the gate in the second Dead Lord challenge room. Then, place one across the ravine so that the gate to the chest opens. Then use him as a grapple point to cross. Look across and down for another gate and send the second Lord there. After that, drop down a massive tunnel and hit the bottom. When you start sending Lords to pull the switches across the way, you’ll have a battle, then pull switches two and three and then one again to get the Skeleton Key. Head back up to the locked door.
  • In the next section, it seems reasonable to assume the freaky creature that was spying on you is one of those you’re supposed to track and kill for Thane.
  • Deploy your two Dead Lords to hit the switch immediately before you and raise the bridge, and then activate the switch across the way. That’ll open a gate on your left. Enter and when you reach the edge of the platform, look down and to the left, where there is another switch plate. Send a Lord after it. Follow the ledges to the post, slide down it to the base, activate the grapple, and jump out and use the grapple against the Lord to reach the next platform.
  • When the path splits, head up first to use the switch to open the gate. Then head down and use a Lord to activate the floor plate.
  • In the next section, activating the Lord circle on the floor will bring on the enemies, and then several minibosses. When you defeat them, you can proceed. The Lords will help you make short work of them.
  • Through the door, wall run to the pull-switch. Head through that door and follow the path to reach the third Lord. And by this point, no strategy needed. Avoid it and kick it’s ass.
  • Head back to the Eternal Throne to finish up this mission and get your next assignment.

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