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  • By now I had a chapter from the Book of the Dead. You don’t get much money from Vulgrim for it, but you get a key to a tomb! If you didn’t see it yet, there is a Mystic Stone by Vulgrim at the Weeping Crag.
  • Before we head up to the tree, let’s do some treasure hunting. Now that you have the grapple, you can get the chest and the Coin on that little fortress in the Baneswood. Plus crippling the low level bad guys in this area is hilarious.
  • Head to the Lost Temple. On the right side on your way up to the dungeon is a big door with four colored stones in it. Your new bone key opens this tomb. Welcome to richville, population you. Don’t forget to find weapon racks in the alcoves to the right and left, and move the altar at the far end to find a hidden talisman.
  • Outside of the tomb and just to your right is the back door to the Nook dungeon. Hop on in. Head to the central room and look for a grapple point. Tada! Now make sure you have some potions, because we’ve got some killing to do. Just to the left of where you grappled, look for a switch. Throw it and go through the gate on the left. Wow, this guy’s really big too. Use the grapple to get to the small platform and retrieve the page, then grabble again to the narrow walkway. This is where you will fight. The dragon Beheithir is big and cheap. His attacks will set the walkway on fire, and the only way to avoid them is to run to the far side or drop off and hang on for dear life. He can drop a LOT of damage in short order, so don’t take him on too early. This is a useful time to pull out the Reaper. It is a difficult fight period, and will require a lot of your potions. He drops a level 15 scythe set.
  • To get out, look for the posts sticking out of the wall with a pull switch at the end. Then look up. Go out to the second post and run up the wall. Pull the higher switch first to release the ball, then drop and pull the second one. Put the ball on the elevator, raise it, and then throw it across the gap at the top by pressing RT. This may take a shot or two. I threw the ball before the elevator reached the top and it seemed to help. From the elevator you’ll see a path up the wall. Take it to find another switch to raise the elevator all the way to the top and use the ball to open the door.
  • By now the Shaman in Tristone will have a new sidequest for you to destroy a corrupt construct of hers. Head to the Scar to find him.
  • You couldn’t reach Ghorn until you got the grapple. Now you can get to the door. Once down the stairs, you can wall run behind you for a chest.
  • Ghorn will drop you almost immediately to a lower dungeon and you’ll fight corrupted constructs that are level 17. If you’re not at least a level 15 by now, then you’re probably not ready for this jelly. After the construct fight, you have to head up a burning channel. Run up the left, run along the support, and run up the right. Wall jump out and grapple to the left side. You’ll basically repeat the same pattern again and then have to back track just a little bit before you complete the challenge. Honestly, it’s not that hard if you don’t screw up. Remember to pause for a moment when you’re changing directions so you don’t scale a wall you mean to run along.
  • At the top of the lava tube, head right for a simple construct grapple section to grab a Skeleton Key.
  • Next is a room with a big construct in it and you will get wrecked if you aren’t at least level 15 and ready to rock. When the fight is done, ascend and run around the walls to throw a switch and release a helpful construct. There’s at least one more rough fight ahead.
  • Use the construct to destroy the crystals holding up a bridge. Cross it with the construct and use the chain to cross the lava.
  • Ghorn’s first phase is easy. His second phase includes bringing in constructs and summoning lava. It’s a lot more challenging to stay on top of. Wrath attacks make short work of him, either way, there’s just more violence to dodge.
  • The bottom level of the Deposed King’s lair is a treasure tomb that you need a key from Vulgrim to enter. The third level has a couple of grapple jumps to a chest with a Skeleton Key, so get that first. The second floor has a very straightforward dungeon, but it includes an invisible monster you can’t deal with yet. When you reach the elevator, whack the thing in the middle to go down.
  • The King himself is a pain in the ass, you won’t be able to go toe to toe with him until you’re level 20 or so, but you can take him earlier if you can stay out of his way and watch your health potions. His early attacks are easy, but he does a whirlwind number after you get him down to about half health that is tough to get out of the way of and it does a lot of damage.
  • The King drops a nice weapon, and the chests he guarded are fat as well. Return to Thane for more experience and money. He’s also worth a very cleverly named Achievement.

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