Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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City of the Dead

  • Upon your arrival, the door is locked. You can use your soul splitter ability to move the two pillars to open the door. You won’t use this ability in combat, so don’t assign it a hot key, leave those for your ass-kicking skills.
  • There’s a gauntlet of big bads inside, and then you use your soul split again to proceed. Head into the path on the left. Follow it to the rotating lever room. Move to the giant gate. Split at that point. Use one soul to rotate the lever, use the other to grab a bomb from the next room and throw it at the switch that you can’t reach otherwise. Then negate the splitter spell and jump on top of the platform. Split up there, then drag the platform and the statue to the far side of the gate. Split again to be on the right side and use the two floor switches to move on. Follow the radar through a hole in the floor to find the Key.
  • When you arrive on the bridge, split. Use the grapple point to head to your right, and as soon as the camera changes, ascend using vertical wall runs. Rotate the lever, then switch bodies. On the other side of the bridge, go to your left and look for a switch in the wall. That will open a gate to the main central room. There you can grapple a lantern. Pick it up and carry it to the left, the only way out of the main room without a door. Use the grapple to get it across the chasm and then place it on the lantern platform. Use it to one side to get a Page then use it to aim toward the center to rotate a bridge.
  • In the next room, you’ll use climbing and the grapple to reach the next balcony, then re-enter the dungeon. Use your split to reach the switch and rotate the bridge, then split again to sit on the glowing post while you throw a bomb at the wall switch behind it. After that is a giant effing wall run. Pull the switch you find, go through the door it opens, and find another switch on the far side. That will open the door on the far side of the bridge you’re standing over. Go back the way you came, past the switch, and drop down the hole you find.
  • The next fight features three wraiths, and then three Tormentors, first one, then two, but by this time they look way scarier than they are. After that is a vertical shaft where a floor of death chases you up. It’ll take a couple of tries, but there’s nothing complicated about it. Remember to climb fast and pause before you jump to the next thing if you changed directions so the game can catch up. That split second where you might run up a wall instead of along it can be fatal.
  • After you pull the switch to go through the door, look left for a wall run that leads to the Map. After that is a lizard fight.
  • Eventually you’ll take out some big bugs and get the key which means you’ll go down a level and through the key door. After that comes another split puzzle that is a pain in the butt. It’s like the last one where you had to put the statue on top of the platform. Split and get on the plate on the left which will open up the first gate. Use that to bring the floating platform out of the gated area. Unsplit. Climb on to top of the platform, split again, and push it as far inside as you can. Unsplit again, climb on top of the platform, and split again. Climb out of the gated area, hit the other plate, and push the floating platform on top of the third plate. Unsplit and leave through the door.
  • In this room, throw the switch, then throw a bomb at the crystal across the way. Use the switch that now works and you will lower the giant lantern platform all the way to the bottom. The super lantern opens the super door and there you are.The actual boss is Lovecraftian as hell. Somehow or another he picked me up and threw me into the next area, glitching the game and making it so I could skip him altogether. Assuming you’re not so lucky, here’s the scoop. Avoid his bashes, if you can find an alcove you’ll be out of his reach. When he sweeps his arm back and forth, get very close. When he bring his fists down together, beat on them. When you do enough damage, his head will drop and you can wail on that for a while. Save your wrath attacks for when his hands are together. After you do some damage, a very serious wave of skeletons will come out while he hides. Sadly they’re not likely to give you much health. When they are dealt with, he’ll come back for seconds, but the strategy is identical. The second wave of skeletons is the same, but his third phase sucks, you’ll have to deal with lots of skeletons while trying to hit him. Again, if you can find the shelter of an alcove it’ll help a lot, but that may have been the glitch working for me. When you can spare it, shoot him, as ever bit of damage will help bring him down. The third chance you have to whack him in the face should be the final one.
  • Speak with the Soul, who may be a surprise, but really shouldn’t be at this point. He’ll send you back to the good ol’ tree that seems to be at the heart of all of this.

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