Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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  • Woo, new portal, baby!
  • Welcome to Lostlight. Follow the radar marker to the Crystal Spire for a fight with some new opponents. The battle is massive, but so long as you keep moving, you shouldn’t have much trouble by now. You’ll meet a new friend, Nathaniel and he’ll give you a simple subquest, to take a scroll to the court of the dead. If you choose to do so now, you’ll talk to the Chancellor, and he’ll send you to investigate the Arbiter’s Maze. You can also return to Nathaniel and then bounce back to the shaman in the Forge Lands. One more trip back to Nathaniel for an XP and gold reward.
  • Head to the top of the tower. Move to the right, look for the climbing points. On THIS side of the chasm, about halfway between the outcropping of rock and the edge of the chasm, split. One half goes to the other side to retrieve a bomb. He moves to the very edge of the chasm. You number two grabs that bomb, goes to the far range of the split in the other direction and throws said bomb at crystals. This opens the path. Which leads to a new destination.
  • The path of Earth are easy to follow by the Swarm is just that, and if you get caught without that bigass gun and swarmed, you can get toasted quickly. Follow the marker on the map to find one of the pieces that you are looking for.
  • After that an angel will open a door. When you come out, look for a new gun. This doesn’t have instructions in game, but the right trigger fires a time grenade, and the left trigger blows it up. You can unleash multiple grenades and blow them all up at once. When it comes to the big critters, it rules, but it can take some getting used to versus the Swarm. Progress slowly and keep your back to a wall when they start pouring in.
  • Again, just follow the path and you’ll come to another piece of the Rod. When you come to the ridiculous boss, use the rounds as multiples, and hit the X button to do a ground shot, just like the machine gun, to clear off the flying things. Honestly this section is a Class A blast, but it’s not complicated, and it’s not too hard if you don’t let yourself get swarmed. When you’re finished, you return the Rod to the Spire.

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