Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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Ivory Citadel

  • In the Ivory Citadel, hug the wall to the left and run up it. Climb out on the next platform and use the switch to move the glowy thing down. It will clear your path.
  • In the next room, head to the right, and when you get outside, head to the right again. When you grapple across a gap, after you fight some angels, there will be a chest on the radar. Drop down to it behind a crystal. There’s a Map inside.
  • After a long wall run, you’ll see a pressure plate in the floor. Near it is a bigger, round, grate. Split on that and move to stand on the plate. With your other self, go through the canal opening and run up the wall where there is a handhold. There is another plate up there. That will drop the statue into an area that will let you progress.
  • And now you have a new toy that explains a few things you’ve seen along the way!
  • When you reach a dead end, use your new portal ability to join two golden orbs. Then proceed up the bridge. Look for an open space in the wall on your left as you move through. Drop in there, put a charged portal on the wall and a regular one on the floor. Then proceed up the tower. When you reach a round room where you fight some angels, place the statue in the middle of the room and use your split self to pull the two switches.
  • Climb this tower and use the portals to “refresh” the water. Follow the water trail and blow up the crystals, which will reveal an ivy climbing wall.
  • At the next bridge, drop off the right for a chest and off the left to fight some angels and move on. The next really sticky bit is not intuitive at ALL. When you see two rotating switches, split. Turn the left one. This will expose a portal wall behind you. Put a portal on it. Switch back to the guy holding the switch and release it. There is a portal wall far to your left, facing the switches. Activate it. Then, shoot THROUGH it with a charged portal. You won’t see any difference, but it will work. Then use your clone to operate the other switch. Then jump through the portal. This is how much work it takes just getting a lousy Key.
  • If you’re smart, before you go after the key path, go back to where the golden orb is and place a portal. The matching orb is behind the locked door.
  • Once the water is purified, follow it once again. Geez, this place goes on forever, I’m sure we’ll get to the top of the corrupt water tower any day now. At the next potential choke point, you’ll use the portal to allow you to swing across and reach the next area. Then look above you. There is a portal set at an angle, shoot it with a charge. Then enter the portal where you just came out and wall run to the next section. When you hit the wall, if you hit the jump button immediately, you will fall to your death. Next, shoot a charged portal at the panel below you, then one ahead of you that you can wall run to.
  • Remember when you had to put your statue on a platform and drag it? When you reach the next rotatory switch, you’ll do it again.
  • I’ll be honest, the next section is a pain in the ass. The order matters. Shoot the portal below the rotating switch. Then split and rotate the switch. Shoot this portal as well. Have a clone drop down to the lower level and do a charged shot through the portal. This may or may not close it. When you get back up to the switch, you should see the portal at the top of your screen sparkling. If it is, then have one of the clones return to the outside of the first circular room and shoot the portal in the distance. Shazam. If it doesn’t work, keep track of the order of activating the portals, and don’t be afraid to deactivate them with the left trigger until you get it right.
  • After that, there will be a new portal to activate. Do so, then go around behind it to the left, and shoot one above you. Ka-chow.
  • After the next section, you’ll enter a room with two portals on top of each other. Charge the top one, then jump into the bottom one. From your new vantage, charge the new highest portal, and enter through the bottom one again.
  • The charming boss is a pain, but he has a simple pattern. Dodge around him while he throws projectiles. Hit him while he’s summoning them, not after he fires. Constantly shooting your gun at him will whittle away a LOT of hit points eventually. The trick is, if you get too close, he’ll cream you with a brutal tentacle attack. After you get him to half energy, he’ll freak out and call in two opponents to muddy the water while you fight him. The easiest thing to do then is to go full Reaper and whale the tar out of him. Then, when he freaks out again, fire a portal into the wall up high, and a portal into the floor. Tempt him to shoot his laser into the floor portal. Boom.
  • Now you face the Archon. Dodging is the order of the day, the openings when you can hit him are few and far between. He may start out on land or in the air. On the land, dodge his attacks, use the gun, and get in where you can. When he’s in the air, dodge, dodge, dodge, and then grapple when the purple orb appears and slap him in the face. After you get him down to about 2/3rds life, he’ll come down to the ground with you. Then it’s dodge, wrath attack, and dodge. When he gets down to about a quarter life, he’ll start flying down at you. When he does, target him and dodge when he comes at you.
  • When the Archon is done, it’s time to revisit the Crowfather for credit and your next assignment.

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