Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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The Shadow

  • Again, a new portal. The Crowfather is here, and further along, the goat merchant, but your path is clear until you reach The Black Stone. Enter the first door on the right to meet Lilith.
  • Holy crap are you going to have to go back in time to complete this mission? Heck yes you are. Use the new time portal ability on the panel to your left when you enter the door straight ahead of you in Black Stone.
  • Your first fight is against a posse of demons. They aren’t that tough in the hit point sense, but MAN do they take it out of you. They use a sweeping whip attack with a lot of range. Constant dodging avoids it, but if you get tagged even just a little, it’ll do a great deal of damage. Just keep moving, and finish them off whenever you get a chance.
  • Take the path on the right and the door on the right. Some straightforward platforming ensues, along with a few demons to keep things interesting. You’ll find they’re much easier one on one. After you pop out the next time portal, grab the chest to your left and the relic to your right, then drop down. Head up the other side and proceed to the next portal point. Explore the rest of the area around it, and look for a chest encased in corruption.
  • Now head through the first time portal. Where the first chest is that you can see, a second will appear in the next alcove. If you look around, you’ll find a locked door as well.
  • Head back through time and go to the second time portal in this area. Here you’ll meet a new bad guy who likes to dish out fire. You can generally avoid it by staying close. There are a few demons around too. Looking into the room from in front of the portal go up the stairs and look to the left for a switch plate. Leave your splitter statue on it and go through the door it opens. Take out the enemies in the next room and then use the portals to throw a bomb to yourself. Use it to destroy the crystals in the past and then they will be gone in the present, so you can grab the Key.
  • You’ll come to a switch. Pull it. Across the way is another switch. Go to it, and through that door. If you drop down the pit and follow the path down there, you’ll finally get that Map!
  • When you threw the switch, the game indicated that you should take the handholds that were to your right. After you’re done exploring, do so. Down there is a phasewalker pad, shoot it, and head out into the open area. Turn around and look up for some handholds to take to the next door. Boy was THAT roundabout. In the next big area, head across the way for one more portal and a cutscene.
  • Wow, a cameo by the red guy from Legend, who’d have guessed? Samael’s first wave is easy. Dodge, keep dodging, then fight. He’ll retreat to his side of the lava and throw giant fireballs at you. Keep locked onto him for this part and they’re easy to roll and avoid. Wrath attacks work best rather than going face to face with him, especially as he keeps teleporting.
  • The second phase is a lot harder. He doesn’t hold still for as long, he’s not vulnerable for very long, and if he hits you when he teleports, you’ll keep taking fire damage for a while. It’ll suck your hit points dry pretty quickly. Watch for him to teleport several times and then settle, there will be some blue sparks when he does. That’s the best time to hit him as hard and as fast as you can. When he’s down to about one-third energy he’ll drop lava balls all OVER the place, so just keep bouncing. Staying locked on him while he teleports around can help you stay on track with him.
  • When he’s finished you’ll get the demon key and some loot. “Anonymous” will also leave tomes for you that are located on your map. Head back to the Crowfather for your next assignment.

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