Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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Getting Started

  • Does anyone else think Death kinda looks like the TMNT Casey Jones? No?
  • You’ll start out on your trusty steed, Despair. Head toward the yellow map marker and the game will explain a few mechanics along the way. When you reach your first destination you will be forced off your horse, learn to climb a wall, and then you’ll enter combat. Use the left trigger to stay focused on a target. Your first enemies, the ice skeletons, are pretty easy, and they will drop weapons you can pick up if you want to try something new.
  • The rest of this walkthrough will focus on moving forward and fighting strategy, so I won’t repeat the game’s onscreen instructions on basic gameplay mechanics.
  • In the Dark Fortress, look for a frozen enemy on the left side. Break him out of the ice and then kill him. In this nook is a chest with health potions.
  • Keep heading along to learn some new environmental tricks. Can I just express my immense gratitude for the left trigger lean out from the beam thingee? Can they implement that in the next Assassin’s Creed? I’d fall a lot less.
  • By now you should be getting the hang of combat. Keep an eye out for dropped items other than weapons, such as armor. If you haven’t already, experiment with jumping in combat and changing the timing of your attacks, there are at least two basic combos just using the basic attack button. More hits means higher combo totals and that adds up and…well, you have played a video game before, right?
  • Once you reach the top of the Fortress you will find a nice open area which can only mean one thing? Boss fight! Use your target lock to keep your eyes on him and dodge around to get behind him to attack. If you dodge well you can jump in and attack him in the air, stand between his feet and flail away, and follow with another jump attack for a 20-plus hit combo. If you’re not feeling that gutsy, just keep your distance, move around him, and attack him when you get behind him.
  • I guess you weren’t at the top after all. Just keep ascending and you’ll learn a few more new platforming mechanics.
  • Once you reach the actual top, you’ll face the Keeper of the Secrets, and face off against your brother War. The strategy is exactly the same as the ice giant, keep dodging in a circle around him, avoid the attacks, hit him when he’s vulnerable. Once he’s down, the story will progress and you’ll get an Achievement.

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