Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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Path to The Cauldron

  • Welcome to the Forge Lands. Things are a lot prettier here. After a brief intro and some combat you’ll level up and get a skill point to spend. Check out the menus when you do, and you’ll find out that you’ve learned some new attacks with your leveling.
  • There’s a chest on your map at the other end of the clearing. Visit it before you head into the cave. Follow the trail to the community and speak to Thane to learn a new trick. You won’t have the money to buy any just yet. Check out the other stuff in the area before you move to the mission marker.
  • After Thane opens the big ass door to send you on your way, dive to the bottom of the water you come across. There’s a special coin down there for buying special loot.
  • When you enter the Stonefather’s Vale, head for the notch that is ahead of you on your right before you follow the mission marker. You’ll find another coin. You will of course, be attacked after you do, but it’s not a tough challenge, especially if you’re on horseback.
  • When you reach the Weeping Crag, the “shop” icon on your map is for Vulgrim, who you may remember from the first Darksiders, who sells specialty items.
  • When you enter Baneswood, look for a door to your right. There’s a chest in there. Look up and to your left when you first enter to spot a special coin.
  • On the map, note the door beneath “Nook”. Make a line straight down to see a chest. Go into the hollow between the buildings for another page from the book of the dead. It’s behind the giant friggin’ statue.
  • When you pass through the circular portal out of the Baneswood, there is a chest above you to your left. It has a new special weapon in it (crazy punching gloves! That you can name and upgrade!), and there’s a Page up there, too.
  • After the next portal, look for a small temple on your left. Turn right as soon as you enter and do a wall jump to reach the level above you. A couple of wall runs and you find a chest!
  • By the way, if by now you’ve noticed some blue gems set into walls emitting kind of a hum, don’t fret. They keep mentioning Zelda-like dungeons in this game, so rest assured it’s something we’ll be able to come back for.
  • On the last pass before you get to the Cauldron, look for a small temple on your left. Some very basic Prince of Persia style platforming will get you another looty chest.
  • When you reach the final mission marker at the entrance to the Cauldron, there’ll be your first real substantial fight. Look for a chest off to the right of the entrance to the Cauldron.

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