Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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The Cauldron

  • Welcome to your first real dungeon! At the back of the room are two chests. You need to use a Shadow Bomb to reveal the one on the right. Then for no particularly logical reason, use another Shadow Bomb to activate the switch for the next door.
  • In the second room, the first with lava, follow the sloping floor for a special coin before you proceed.
  • After the second room, you’ll have a cutscene with a new Construct opponent, and an extensive, but not too difficult, fight. Just don’t dodge off the edge of a platform.
  • In the next area you’ll hear some growling, which is a Stalker, and you need something from his corpse. Take out the Constructs quickly so you can focus on him, which makes things easier. After the Stalker you’ll find a skeleton key which will open the locked door near the beginning of the dungeon.
  • Behind the now unlocked door, move the giant ball (stop giggling!) into the divot for it, and then climb the wall. From the far right edge of the section where you can hang before dropping, run up the wall and bounce off for another special coin.
  • Climb the wall again and this time head left to grab some ivy and the next area. You’ll see two chests on your map. The second you get by wall jumping backwards (left trigger, remember) before proceeding along your path.
  • To get the next skeleton key involves another ball puzzle. Place the ball in the divot to your left when you enter the room. There’s a second ball and a Page in the room it opens. Place both balls in the divots on either side of the barred entrance to reach the chest and the key.
  • Basic strategy for the midboss fight remains the same, watch out for his brutal frontal attack, get ready to rip through some health potions, and don’t spare the magic. The teleport spell worked quite well on him for me.
  • After the boss you’ll enter a room with a turn handle on a dais. Break a crate to the right of it to find another Page. Take the stairs down for some more loot and look for a special coin in the center of the stairwell.
  • Go outside and talk to the dude, then fast travel back to Tristone for rewards and your next assignment.

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