Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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The Tears

    Now you gotta turn on the water to match the fire from the Cauldron. Visit the stores, etc, to stock up and train before you head off. Fast traveling is really handy here. Head for the next mission marker.
  • There really isn’t any loot of significance between you and the Forge. When you get close you’ll be introduced to some new opponents, one of which is a bat-like creature that gives you the second item you need for your special talisman quest. Return to Karn for information on the next item.
  • In the Fjord, look for a merchant icon to meet Blackroot. He will give you a subquest AND explain what the shiny blue rocks are all about.
  • In the water at the base of the Fjord, where there are broken paths and ruins, there’s a special coin in the deeps.
  • Facing the Fjord’s water, if you go straight ahead, there is a niche. Follow the merchant icon for a hint at another quest. Vulgrim and some loot are back there, too.
  • Instead of following the marker to your right, head straight to the end of the pass, follow a switchback up, and find a small area with two chests, a stonebite stone to shoot, and a special coin. Then continue on to the Drenchfort.
  • At the first dead end, climb the alcove on the right to find Shadowbombs. Throw one across the way and shoot it to release the ball.
  • Drop off the ledge directly ahead of you in the big room for a chest. Looking at the chest, there is a special coin to your left. Across from the chest is a stonebite.
  • When you’re in the room with the canal on your left, turn right at the end before you continue on. There’s a single room with a big bad and some loot. The Crag isn’t too tough. Keep moving, and when he jumps, if you have some aerial skills, don’t dodge, jump up to meet him and attack him on the way down.
  • In the really big room, look to your right. There are two ledges you can grab. Ascend, grab the collectible, and open the chest for a dungeon map.
  • In the spot where you learn to go from walljump to walljump, drop into the water below, dive down and look for an opening. There’s a hidden chest back there.
  • To get the second big ball out from behind the gate, roll it next to the gate, go grab a Shadowbomb, and climb on top of the central pedestal. Throw the bomb at the ball and then shoot it to blow it throw the now open gate.
  • If you get stumped, especially if it seems like summoning the bird isn’t giving you a tip at all, look at the basement level on the map. Drop into the water and find that tunnel.
  • When you reach a locked door, walk down to the next landing and look out with the door to your left. There’s a ledge you can drop down, head all the way down the canal in front of you and look for the chest.
  • In case you miss the onscreen hint, when you have the ball at the base of the ramp, you can use the right trigger to give it a mighty shove. Once the ball is in place, go get a bomb, and get on top of the platform that just descended. Use the bomb to dislodge the elevator for a trip up.
  • Once again, if you get stuck, look to the map. Every time you release water somewhere, it opens another path, usually via swimming.
  • When you reach the central path, you’ll face a big version of the critter you killed earlier. Throw a green ball at the green hill thing in the middle of the room to wake it up. When you dodge it well, it will drop another ball, which it turns out are small versions of itself! Hurl the balls at it to knock it over and then hit the soft underbelly. Around now you should level up and unlock the brutal reaper attack mode. Use left shoulder and right trigger to activate/deactivate it.
  • That should just about do it for the tears. Return to Tristone to find the Forge up and running, get your next mission, and an Achievement.

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