Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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Loose Ends

  • Let’s wrap up some side quest loose ends. You can fast travel to the Fjord near the “Watcher” who needs reactivating. The map identifies him as Oran. He will give you a heartstone which you can use to reactivate the bits of him that you come across. I think we’ve seen at least one before already. We’ll come back to that. The left arm is in the Charred Pass outside the entry to The Scar. The left leg is just to the northeast of the word “Pass” in Charred Pass on your map. The right leg is in the notch on the map as you ride away from the Drenchfort. The final limb is in the Shadow Gorge, pretty much right on the G on the map. Return to Oran for your reward.
  • Now head for the Shattered Forge to hunt for Valus’ hammer. Once inside, drop off to the right to find a chest.
  • Once in the main chamber, you’ll see a special coin in the water. You’ll be going through the door on the left first, and once in there, move to the far end of the room, drop into the water, and dive down. You’re about to be really glad that Death doesn’t need to breathe. When you reach the end of the tunnel, look for a chest which has the map in it.
  • Use wall jumps to progress from here until you reach the room with the bombs. Use them to clear your path, but then throw one to the far side where you can reach it and backtrack to the last pit. There’s a crystal there to explode and behind it are the sexy Omega Blades!
  • As with last time, if you hit another WTF moment, dive deep to find the Skeleton Key.
  • In the next section where a mask guy brings in a bunch of constructs, look for a Page in the corner of the room when you’re done.
  • Finish your path, grab the hammer, and return it to Tristone for access to better weapons!
  • By the way, when you’re done with this it’ll probably be time for you to throw down with Thane in case you haven’t. He’ll give you some assassination challenges. You’re only ready for one of them now. Look for the rest in the next side quest section.
  • You can find Gorewood in the area marked with dashed lines under the Weeping Crag. This dungeon is very straightforward. When you reach the end and fight the big stalker, after he is dead, look for a gate to the northwest. Dust will also lead you there. When you see a long, narrow, 90-degree angle corridor, look for the stairs that go down. Look up to see a path that you can wall jump and crawl along. Take that to find a Page, then take the water back. On the way, look for a hole in the bottom of the passage. I hope you’re not claustrophobic!
  • And look, Gorewood’s really pretty! He’s what we call a cheap SOB, but just play the dodging game, especially staying locked on him, and don’t take him head on.

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