Darksiders 2 Walkthrough

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The Lost Temple

  • Fast travel to The Nook. Enter the building and grab the loot to the left. Then…does that glowy thing like kinda, I dunno, like a Construct to you? Activate it, then roll the ball to the divot, use the R trigger to shoot a chain, and run across it to the door ahead. Take out the bad guys, then use the bombs to clear the way for the looting! The crystals that block an ascent guide the way to a shortcut. Drop down into the next area to clear out one of those creepy nests. Head through the door and ascend and ascend. Once you break out into the open, skip the mission marker for a second, and you’ll recognize Karn at the far end. Finally!
  • Head into the temple itself. The first fight in here it not too challenging, but it will give you a Carven Stone from a Construct. You can return to the Shaman for your special item. Unless you’ve been doing a lot more killing than me, though, you won’t be ready to equip it.
  • In the next big room, where you can see a helpful Construct across the way. head into the water before you. There’s a special coin to the left side, and if you turn around and go back under the path you came in on, there’s a hidden chest.
  • Once you raise the bridge, you’ll be attacked. You’d be a fool not to do it in the Construct. Even if it wasn’t ridiculously powerful, it’s just fun! Don’t forget to hop down and collect your loot, though.
  • In the place where you use the chain to cross a chasm, look down to see a stonebite to shoot.
  • After you kill the constructs, cross over the gate you just opened, and use a bomb from there to clear the ball away from its divot. This will lower the other gate and allow you to get to the chest with the Skeleton Key.
  • In the room with all the crystals, look to the right for a big opening you can cross with the chain. Wall jump to leap back onto the chain to return.
  • The next fight is quite rough. You’ll face a seemingly endless string of Constructs, including not one or two, but THREE of those big ugly ones. The game will remind/recommend that you change into Reaper mode, but you’ll lose it as soon as you beat the first Construct, so save it for the last pair, or leave it for later, as it probably won’t recharge before you leave the dungeon. Also, as soon as the enemies are down, those floating heads can bring them back, so when they’re vulnerable, focus on getting rid of them with gunfire. When you’re done, don’t forget to collect all your loot, and don’t bother going back for your helper Construct, your time together is done.
  • The long corridor with a long drop beneath it is actually simple. Just do a wall run, jump to another wall run, and then a third. Pow! Follow that up with a triple wall jump in the next room.
  • The trick in the room with the two handy blue Constructs is to put one on the elevator, use the other to bring it up, and trade off again. No sweat. Along the way, when you put the last machine in the last divot, look for an alcove on the map. It’s home to a Page.
  • Holy crap this place is huge!
  • There’s little good advice for the fight against the super stalkers except use your health and your wrath, bring your A game, and if you don’t’ make it the first time, try changing up your weapon to something heavier. You will still have to clear off some of the smaller guys when the big bads show up, get rid of them ASAP.
  • After your fight with the two big constructs, teleport home. You’re gonna need the stock. By the way, if you haven’t settled on a possessed weapon that you can start upgrading, now would be the time. You should have an idea what kind of secondary weapon works best for you, so put points into that weapon and those attacks.
  • When it comes to the hulk boss, he’s not as bad as he looks. Keep an eye on your health, however, as he can really do some damage. Most of the time you shouldn’t stay locked on to him, he’s too big to miss or avoid. He’ll bash the floor and drop bombs. Grab them to throw at him and bring him down. If you deal a LOT of damage to his heart, you’ll only have to do this four times, but he summons more assistant constructs every time. The good news is, after you pound on him when he’s weak, he’ll help you take them out!

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