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Foundry and Guardian

  • To follow up on our next mission, go see the Warden. To get to him, visit Tristone, walk through the Forge, and out the other side, near where you began.
  • At the entrance, a coin on the right mirrors the chest on the left. Head through the temple, clearing the way for Karn until you find the Guardian, and then the real mission starts.
  • When you retrieve the ball and you don’t know what to do with it, hurl it up the ramp at the stained-glass window looking thing. Voila!
  • In this level, it’s fair to assume that if you aren’t sure how to proceed, you should look to Karn to throw you or use the helpful Construct to reach another point. Case in point the Skeleton Key which is in a sub-dungeon ahead and to the right from the locked door. You need the chain gun on the construct to retrieve it.
  • The next time you have Karn throw you, you’ll be attacked by two of the glowy yellow guys. Drop off to the right of this platform for the map. FINALLY. Inside the door after you defeat the guys is the Deathgrip which will allow you to grab those rings you’ve been seeing in high places. Yipee!
  • Once you get this, exit the room and you can drop off the edge before you to discover a hidden room below you. Wanna know what’s really cool? In the next room you can use the deathgrip to bring a bomb to you and clear the crystals to find a chest! This thing is really gonna come in handy!
  • Now head back to the Guardian room and look for the lava-y space on the right side. You’ll have to fight off a few guys, but once they’re gone, you can grab a bomb and hit the switch to proceed.
  • The sub-dungeon for the first heart stone is pretty easy, just let Karn toss you and remember that you can grapple to him as well. He can defend himself with the heartstone, and by the way, if you ditch him, he’ll reappear where you are, so don’t worry about losing him. Just return to the Guardian. On the elevator you’ll have to fight a LOT of constructs, so keep health handy, and use crowd control attacks.
  • Once the stone is in place a new path will open up. Follow the tunnel to the other side of the door and use the switch to let Karn through both doors. The next section is very straightforward. When you get a new construct to ride, keep on it as long as possible, you’ll face a lot of bad guys quite soon.
  • You can use the construct to get the key here, but you can’t go any further than that in that direction yet. Instead, from where you entered, look to the left and see vines you can climb. Drop into the next section and climb up to find a switch that will change a LOT of things about the environment in the dungeon.
  • To get to the next section, where you’ll use your key, take the construct to the stone crusher and throw the switch to reduce it to a ball. Take that into the next room to open up the vertical passage.
  • By now the third stone is easy to grab, but of course it’s not that simple. When you get to it, feel free to teleport back home and stock up, cuz there’s another battle coming.
  • The corrupted custodian isn’t too bad and he doesn’t have a tough pattern. What he does do is dish out a LOT of damage. Stay locked on and when he does his big fist slam yellow glow attack thing, come at him from the side or behind. Don’t get greedy, or finish up with a special attack before he starts hurting you back.
  • Once you get the final heart stone back to the Guardian, you’ll be treated to a very cool cinematic and you’ll have to head back to the Maker’s Forge. For whatever reason you can’t fast travel out, but it’s not a long walk. Talk to Thane and then you’ll have to head to the big field. Can’t teleport there either.
  • Boy the bosses aren’t getting any smaller, are they? Geez. The strategy for the Guardian is simple, but not easy. When he brings his hammer down, you have to dodge well enough to shoot the bombs on his arm quickly. I say dodge well enough because completely dodging that huge ass hammer is difficult. I found rolling toward him when he was attack was best. You will have to pop up and shoot quickly though. When he is hurt, change items to the grapple and use that to grab the stone and pummel it. You need to hit the stone seven times to finish the first phase of the battle. After that he’ll start cannoning out GIANT shadowbombs. Once you really piss him off he’ll start throwing two. Use your gun to shoot them until they float, then hop on your horse and run to the other side of the boss. You can’t get too far away because your presence will bring the bomb toward you and hit the boss on the way. When this happens, you’ll have a part of the arm you can run up, jump off, and grapple to another heartstone. Wall run all the way to the top of the arm to easily grapple to the stone. You’ll spend a lot of time switching back and forth between weapons/abilities, which can be a hassle if you’re not practiced at it.
  • The final defeat of the Guardian and this mission will net you two Achievements.

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