David Perry Thinks Sony Needs To Focus On Games

At E3 2011, Sony, much like Microsoft, indicated that at least for the remainder of the current generation, they’re going to focus heavily on making the Playstation 3 as much a general entertainment box as it is a device on which to play games. That’s all well and good for those of you who aren’t really into the reason we blew several hundred dollars on our consoles, but it would be nice if Sony, in particular, devoted the same resources to making games available on Ps3 and beyond that they did with PS2 (in my opinion the best console of the previous generation).

As it turns out, someone who just received a staggering amount of money directly from Sony feels the same way. David Perry, creator of Earthworm Jim and co-founder cloud gaming service Gaikai, just got paid to the tune of $380M when the company was purchased by Sony a few weeks ago, said at this week’s Develop conference that he intends to push for Sony to develop a ‘core’ focused console.

Perry first commented on the changing nature of the business. “I’ve been saying for a long time – and this is not my opinion post-Sony, this is my opinion period,” he said, “is I don’t think the consoles are going to be called consoles any more. There have been little signs of it coming. You probably saw in the last generation of advertising, Sony’s was, ‘it only does everything,’ they’re turning into media hubs. You can see Microsoft has been doing the same. They did a deal with Comcast to put Comcast content and Netflix and everything else, and they’re very proud of the fact. And you saw at E3 their big presentation talked a lot about other stuff.”

But, he continued, his concern is on gaming, and it seems he’s hoping his new position within Sony, not to mention (I’m assuming) the enormous leverage granted to him by the money Sony spent to acquire his company, will allow him to influence the company in that direction. “I now work for Sony,” he said, “[but] I can tell you my take on it is I much prefer to focus on gaming. You need to hit it out of the park on gaming. If it does other stuff that’s cool. But the core is what it’s all about.”

“So my focus would be, it’s just got to make the most badass games possible. That’s certainly what my push will be inside the company. If it does other things I get it. That’s cool. But it’s not the core of the device.”

I can’t say much more than that I agree. Sony makes some impressive devices. But I’m not spending 500 bucks on something to watch Blu-Rays on. Games, and lots of them, still need to be their focus.

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3 Comments on David Perry Thinks Sony Needs To Focus On Games


On July 12, 2012 at 4:57 pm

AKA there’s too many cooks in the kitchen. Too many hands in the cookie jar. blah blah.

And now there’s another. lol

The fog gets only thicker.


On July 12, 2012 at 5:13 pm

I think they’re going to crank out a lot of games within the next year and a half. They already have gone through a hardware phase and at least for the rest of this year, it is going to be about software. They have a lot of cramming to do though because I expect the PS4 to be announced at next years E3 and then for it to come out during next holiday season… And I also expect Microsoft is going to rush the new XBOX and have be a slightly bigger travesty than when the 360 came out due to the current following Microsoft has…


On July 12, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Hah. i think the next X-box will make everything kinect only, every game will need to use avatars as well, and the console itself will be made into a sphere to make it safe for its target audience. Then the most hardcore game will be Viva pinata, and they will wonder aloud what happened when the console only sells 100 units total. they’ll think that maybe it wasn’t family friendly enough.