Daylight: Cursed Photos Locations – Collector Trophy Guide

Unlock the “Collector” trophy and find every cursed photo in Daylight with this quick locations guide. These hidden snapshots look just like the basic blue remnants scattered throughout the Asylum grounds, but finding all 13 unlocks a very unlucky achievement. Scroll below to get every location.

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Cursed Photos Locations

Note: Every photo is located in the safe zone at the start of each chapter. They look just like blue remnant collectibles, but appear as a photo once picked up.

  • Photo #1: Hospital – At the start of the game, simply go upstairs in the lobby and move straight along the balcony until you find a passage completed blocked with chairs. The photo is on the chair in the right corner.
  • Photo #2: Warehouse – Entering the warehouse section, you’ll need to climb over crates and drop into an office with a door button. Pressing the button will unlock a door leading into a dingy hallway. Look behind the pile of boxes on the left wall, down the hallway, to find a photo.
  • Photo #3: Warehouse – In the same path, continue into the passage as it turned right. Yet again, look behind the stack of boxes against the left wall of this second hallway to find the next photo.
  • Photo #4: Prison – From inside the doctor’s posh office, turn the lamp to open a secret doorway. Continue through the corridor until you enter a room through a wooden door. To the left you should see prison bars and boxes littering the floor. Look behind the collection of boxes into the back left corner to find a photo.
  • Photo #5: Prison – Leaving the prison proper through the marked doorway, turn right to find a crate with a remnant. This is the same area with the ghostly surprise on the gurney down the hall.
  • Photo #6: Prison – In the same area, find the large switch under a green light once activated. There’s an open doorway across the hall, just past this switch. Go inside and jump through the broken window. The photo is located behind boxes in the back left corner.
  • Photo #7: Sewers – Don’t enter the sewers just yet. Before dropping into the giant hole and leaving the prison take some time to look around. Sneak past the entrance into the sewers using the left ledge, then cross over to find the photo in an alcove against the right wall.
  • Photo #8: Sewers – From the previous collectible, continue down the hall past the sewers entrance to find the next photo sitting in plain view on top of some crates.
  • Photo #9: Docks – Leaving the sewers through a gate, you’ll enter a giant circular reservoir before getting outside. Just as you enter the chamber, stick to the right wall and enter the first open doorway. Past the boiler, there’s an alcove with three wooden crates with your next photo.
  • Photo #10: Docks – Downstairs, you’ll need to activate an engine to lower a bridge across the water. Across the lowered platform, turn left and search the dead end for a photo. Do this before continuing right, or you won’t be able to go back.
  • Photo #11: Docks – Leaving the sewers for real and reaching an abandoned dock, look at the end of the dock with the gas tank hose. There’s a crate with the photo pinned to the side.
  • Photo #12: Docks – In the same area, climb the crates adjacent to the shack located next to the gas tank. Drop into the shack through the roof and run to the end of the second dock. Look on the ledge over the water to the left to find the next photo.
  • Photo #13: Forest – The last photo is also the trickiest. Leaving the forest area and reaching another wooden dock, look in the center for an old concrete structure. Pinned to the exterior wall on the ground, you’ll find the photo. Look for a stack of crates next to the docks to climb back out. Be fast — the black stuff below damages you.

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