Dead Island: Riptide – Audio Recordings Locations Guide

Zombies have taken over the island of Palanai, but don’t let that stop you from collecting every hidden item in Dead island: Riptide. There are five different types of collectibles in the game, and the audio recordings of Angela Guerra are likely the first you’ll find. One is never enough, get a few steps closer to 100% with the audio recordings locations guide.

While looking for these recordings, follow the Dead Island: Riptide video walkthrough for some hilariously insightful commentary. Check out the Dead Island: Riptide cheats list to find every secret, glitch, collectible and unlockable.

Audio Recordings Locations Guide


Audio Recording #1:

  • At the start of the game, after arriving on Palanai Island you’ll cross a dock jutting from the beach called Pearl Sands in the southwest edge of the island.
  • From the wooden walkway, look for a shack down on the sand that’s locked. On one of the high ledges, you’ll be able to jump onto the roof and enter through a hole in the ceiling. The recording is found inside, where you’ll be able to unlock a door to escape. Look on the small corner table.
  • Audio Recording #2:

  • Explore the Mataka Village in the center of the map, on the water, to find this recording. You’ll go to this location on the “Electrifying” quest that comes up early in the game.
  • There’s a locked house on the southern side of the town, just under a building over the river. Climb the piled up boxes to get into the house’s gated yard, and break down the door to find the recording on a shelf inside.
  • Audio Recording #3:

  • West of Tyler’s location is another camp where you’ll find an NPC named Miya, on the northern rim of the map. She’ll give repeatable quests, and there’s a recording in her camp.
  • Look for a wooden seat near discarded luggage in the camp to find this recording.
  • Audio Recording #4:

  • On the northern edge of the island, there’s a building near the water, located east of Miya’s camp. You’ll find an NPC named Tyler inside.
  • Past him and the crafting bench, you’ll find a chest near the outer edge of the platform. The recording on near the ledge, to the right of the white box.
  • Audio Recording #5:

  • This recording can only be found inside the science facility, which becomes accessible during the quest “Way of Science” given by the NPC Harlow, which leads you to the BioSphere facility.
  • Instead of going inside the main building on the right, take a left through the minefield and enter the bunker that becomes available after the “Surplus” quest.
  • Inside, use the ladder to climb to the floor above, where the recording can be found.
  • Audio Recording #6:

  • There’s only one recording in the tunnel area. After getting the quest to enter the tunnels from Trevor. After entering the underground and attempting to turn on the lights, you’ll pass through a very spooky pathway.
  • In the dark area, keep your eyes left for a door that can be broken down. Inside are a group of zombies, with the audio recording on the ground in the back of the room.
  • Audio Recording #7:

  • Located in the Ferry Station which becomes available after accepting “The Crossing” quest from Sam Hardy.
  • After fighting back the swarm of zombies, you’ll be able to explore the station before leaving on the ferry.
  • There’s a locked building on the southern section of the map that opens during the “Terminal Siege” event. Check the supply building out to find this recording.
  • Audio Recording #8:

  • There’s a large theater near the center of the city — travel west to find an open square with a covered table keeping this recording.
  • On the map, the location is just northwest of the Concert Plaza, but can’t be reach from there. You’ll need to cross the city from the Cinema. On the way to the Military Base from the cinema, you’ll find it down a longer path leading down a dead end courtyard where several crafting tables are located.
  • Audio Recording #9:

  • There’s a small building on the southern edge of the city, near the water and west of the Fort.
  • Break down the store’s door to find the recording inside. It can be reached from steps leading alongside the water. The building sits alone on the map, unconnected to the rest of the paved area.
  • Audio Recording #10:

  • The last recording is located in the Military Base, located in a locked section west of the main city. You can enter the area after taking the “Militarized Zone” quest from Sam Hardy.
  • Taking the bridge into the base, explore the open tents just past the opening gates.

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    On April 28, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Thanks for the great guide – just letting you know that #2 and #4 are mixed up (#4 is with the Tyler NPC and #2 is in the locked building in Makata village).

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On April 29, 2013 at 10:36 am


    Thank you kindly! The page has been updated to reflect your correction.


    On July 6, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    just a heads up, ur #5 location is actually #6.