Dead Island: Riptide – Collectible Diaries Locations Guide

Invading privacy was never so much fun. In Dead Island: Riptide, you’ll be able to find special diaries from a character named John Morgan — who just happens to be the new hero. Find his past scribbling all over Palanai, and collect them all if you’re looking to earn one of those fancy completionist achievements. Don’t waste time wandering the island, find the items you’re missing with our collectibles list.

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Collectible Diaries Locations Guide


Diary #1

  • Found in Chapter 1, in the Paradise Survival Camp. Take some time to explore after defending the camp from hordes of the undead.
  • The diary is found inside a room, in the second story of the camp. It can be reached from a ladder near the entrance. Technically, this can be collected at any point after first arriving at the Survivor’s Camp.
  • Climb the ladder, turn around, and enter the door to the right.
  • Diary #2

  • The second diary is inside the camp in Halai village, accessed after completing the “Saving Holy Man” quest and taking on the “Where the Dead Live” quest.
  • Check out the second story of the boathouse to find this collectible in the back corner on a small table.
  • Diary #3

  • Northeast of Halai Village, you’ll find Marik’s Marina. There’s a ladder leading to the roof of a building near the gates that you can use to drop into the interior courtyard.
  • After dealing with the zombies, the diary is found on a workbench inside the building.
  • Diary #4

  • Check out one of the balconies inside the Santa Maria Mission, entered during Chapter 5 on the main quest “House of God.”
  • On the second floor of the Mission proper, you’ll find a crate between two open balconies. The diary page is on the crate.
  • Diary #5

  • This diary can be found in Chapter 4 during the main quest “Way of Science” where you’ll enter the BioSphere Labs.
  • Inside, you’ll meet Dr. Kessler. The diary is located on his personal computer desk.
  • Diary #6

  • During Chapter 6, you’ll enter underground tunnels. Eventually, you’ll reach a large open chamber with a massive satellite dish in the center.
  • Work your way up to the top of the room to find a side-room filled with dormant zombies. Clear the room and look inside for a metal shelf in the back corner containing this diary.
  • Diary #7

  • After arriving in Henderson, you can find a makeshift hospital south of Concert Plaza. Take the alley south from the Church and turn west to find it.
  • Look to the left as you enter, it’s located on the desk.
  • Diary #8

  • By Chapter 8, you’ll be inside the city of Henderson. There’s a small warehouse full of the undead south of the Cinema — find the entrance just left of a citizen that needs to be rescued.
  • Look on the tables outside in the courtyard full of restaurants. The diary is found on one of the tables.
  • Diary #9

  • There’s a Dead Zone leading into Frankie O’Hara’s apartment, found after arriving in Henderson city. Moving south from the Ferry dock across the bridge, the entrance is straight ahead through the darkened alleyway.
  • The entrance is near where you can find a rescue mission. Moving north from the Cinema, look left of a narrow fence leading into the alley.
  • Look west of the Dead Zone entrance to find a watery corner with a crate containing this diary.
  • Diary #10

  • The last diary is found northwest of the Sea Market, in a small courtyard where you’ll find a woman named Gianna that’s desperately in need of rescue, standing on a wooden tower and surrounded by the undead.
  • Look in an alcove on the eastern side of this courtyard. The diary is behind some barrels and stacked crates.

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