Dead Island: Riptide – Dead Zone Locations & Hunter-Seeker Guide

Take on the optional dungeons in Dead Island: Riptide, find every Dead Zone location with the guide below. Each Dead Zone contains a special champion zombie with unique combinations of attributes. Surviving the challenges will earn players extra rewards and more loot. Don’t stumble around aimlessly looking for the entrances, find the doors to each Dead Zone with our instructions below.

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Dead Zone Locations & Hunter-Seeker Achievement Guide



  • Dead Zone #1: James Nisira’s Bungalow
    Champion: Killer
    Location: This Dead Zone is located near the Paradise Survival Camp, at the Oil Storage location where you can find Brian. The entrance is behind the gas pumps.
  • Dead Zone #2: Halai Survivor’s Camp
    Champion: Ogre
    Location: When you go to save the local hero, Marcus you’ll find Joe the butcher here, so you can’t miss him as he is part of the main quest.
  • Dead Zone #3: Ocean View Bungalows
    Champion: Quickdeath
    Location: Explore the southeast corner of Halai Village to find a door leading into one of the bungalows.
  • Dead Zone #4: Tuluga Cave
    Champion: Deathtrap
    Location: Check out the northern section of the map, and explore the jungle path between the bridge and the helicopter crash site. The entrance is marked with zombies tied to posts.
  • Dead Zone #5: Peter Spicer’s Fort
    Champion: Undying
    Location: Stake out east from Tuluga Cave to find the Dead Zone shack in Breri Outpost.
  • Dead Zone #6: Olivier Wenge’s Hideout
    Champion: Deathbone
    Location: Cross the water northeast of Breri Outpost, located a few yards right of Kingston’s Shack, up a dirt path.


  • Dead Zone #7: Frank O’Hara’s Apartment
    Champion: The Scourge
    Location: The apartment door is located north from the Old Town Cinema. You’ll pass near it, travelling through a dark flooded alley just after arriving in Henderson and crossing the bridge south.
  • Dead Zone #8: Metzger Sloat’s Hideout
    Champion: Skullcrusher
    Location: Just south of the Cinema, one building down the block. You should find the blue door before reaching the Church plaza.
  • Dead Zone #9: Goffrey Nape’s Warehouse
    Champion: Walking Carcass
    Location: Starting at the bridge leading into the Military Base, located in the northwestern section of Henderson, travel down the alley hugging the western coast. The entrance is located right next to Alex, an NPC players can rescue.
  • Dead Zone #10: Dr. JJ Evan’s Clinic
    Champion: Scar
    Location: Continuing south from the previous Dead Zone, stick to the western coast of the city , the entrance is located south of Henderson Villa.
  • Dead Zone #11: George Serero’s Apartment
    Champion: Body Eater
    Location: Even further south of Henderson Villa, explore the building northwest of the Sea Market. If you stay on the western edge of the city while exploring the south, you should find the blue doors marking with a red tarp.
  • Dead Zone #12: Joel Chubalba’s Motel
    Champion: Black Heart
    Location: Further south, explore the motel west of the Sea Market. The door is right next to Sylvia’s apartment.
  • Dead Zone #13: Ogio Moke’s Laundry
    Champion: Blindspot
    Location: The door to this Dead Zone is just north of the bridge leading into Fort Henderson. The fort itself can be found in the southeastern corner of the map. Start from the bridge, and stick to the east edge of the city as you move north. It should be in the first building you hit.

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caleb williams

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Its not flesh eater its body eater

Kevin Thielenhaus

On May 30, 2013 at 11:56 am

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I remember when I originally wrote this, I was using several sources to help put all the information together, and I honestly thought “body eater” was a typo. It HAD to be a typo.

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