Dead Island: Riptide – How to Duplicate Weapons & Items [Glitch]

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Duplicating weapons and items returns in Dead Island: Riptide with this simple exploit. Just like the first Dead Island, Riptide is riddled with a few glitches — but some can be fun to play with. By throwing your weapons and unequipping them mid-air, you can quickly amass a small fortune’s worth of gear. Pretty handy when swarms of the undead are trying to eat your brains. See all the steps in our full glitch guide below.

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How to Duplicate Weapons & Items [Glitch]

NOTE: These methods are confirmed to work with an UNPATCHED version of Dead Island: Riptide.

Method #1:

1. Clear your inventory. Leave only the weapon you want to duplicate.
2. Equip the weapon you want to duplicate.
3. Prepare to throw the weapon and aim slightly high, then throw.
4. While the weapon is in mid-air, open the Inventory and choose to unequip the weapon you’ve just thrown.
5. Collect the thrown weapon. You’ll see that the weapon you threw, and the weapon you unequipped are both in your inventory.
6. Repeat the process to make as many duplicates as you want.

Method #2:

1. Hit a checkpoint.
2. Drop items that you want to duplicate onto the ground near where the checkpoint triggered.
3. Die. Try to get killed nearby.
4. After dying, you’ll see a respawn counter. Load the checkpoint before the counter finishes.
5. You’ll reappear at the checkpoint. If you dropped any weapons or items on the ground at the checkpoint location, those items be there on the ground. All the items will be in your inventory, too. Pick up the duplicates and you’re done.

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2 Comments on Dead Island: Riptide – How to Duplicate Weapons & Items [Glitch]


On May 9, 2013 at 7:06 am

hey im not sure if you guys know but in the first dead island how you do the whole storage duplication thing but you can do it in riptide all you have to do is the thing he said with throwing the weapon then go to storage drop weapon you want to duplicate HOLD square to pick it up put it in storage take it back out and you can keep droppin weapons


On October 9, 2014 at 6:55 am

Thanks to your genious technique I dumped all my weapons on the floor and tried to do that and when I looked back all my weapons were gone, and now I can’t get them back. Cheers for the warning