Dead Island: Riptide – Island Guides Collectible Locations

There’s no getting around the island paradise of Palanai without stumbling into a guide, and there’s no way you’ll find all the Dead Island: Riptide collectibles without one. These flyers don’t provide much insight into the plot, but if you’re looking to 100% this massively open action-RPG, see where they’re all located in the list below. If it’s the rest of the collectibles you’re going after — just keep scrolling to find the rest.

Survive the zombie apocalypse with expert tips on the Dead Island: Riptide walkthrough, with step-by-step quest guides and boss strategies. Or, get all the secrets, collectibles, easter eggs and glitches Game Front has to offer on our list of Dead Island: Riptide cheats.

Island Guides Collectible Locations


Island Guide #1

  • Taking the path leading east from the Paradise Survivor’s Camp, you’ll find a parked blue car near a bench.
  • Look on the bench past the dead bodies to find this collectible.
  • Island Guide #2

  • Down the path leading southeast from the Paradise Survivor’s Camp, you’ll cross a camping ground. Across the street, look on the wooden covered rest stop benches to find the guide.
  • Island Guide #3

  • Start at the Hoyahoya Bar, the large building east of Halai Village and take the path north. Left of the road are several covered fruit stands. Grab the guide off the first stand you come across.
  • Island Guide #4

  • Following the road further north from the Hoyahoya Bar, you’ll find a large rest stop near the river, to the right of the river village near the center of the map.
  • Run up to the raised wooden platform to find the guide on a bench, next to red luggage.
  • Island Guide #5

  • Taking the narrow jungle path west from Miya’s Camp, you’ll reach the larger lake in the northwest corner of the map.
  • Enter the camper after rescuing Alfred, locating down the path west of the helicopter crash site. He’s waiting on a trailer roof and will let you inside after his rescue.
  • Island Guide #6

  • Located inside Marik’s Marina, this area will become available once you’ve found all the boat parts. Look on the boardwalk up the steps on the left side of the building straight ahead from the entrance.
  • Check out the tables under the umbrellas.
  • Island Guide #7

  • In the northeast section of the map, there’s a rest stop west of the BioSphere facility. At the covered bench, look in the corner near a blue trash bin.
  • Island Guide #8

  • Starting at the river village in the center of the map, travel up the river northwest to find a tiny island in the middle of the water.
  • Traveling from the village, there’s an outpost of hanging huts in the trees to the left of the island. On the island, look behind the debris to get this item.
  • Island Guide #9

  • During the quest “Where the Dead Live” you’ll enter a Dead Zone and have to clear out the area at the southern edge of Halai Village.
  • Getting through the quest, you’ll eventually get a waypoint to enter a toolshed. To the right of a workbench there’s a stack of crates where you can find the card.
  • Island Guide #10

  • During Chapter 6, you’ll take on a quest to explore underground tunnels.
  • Near the end, after dealing with the smugglers, look near the cots to find a corner where a mattress is propped against the wall. The guide is on the floor next to it.
  • Island Guide #11

  • After completing the Tunnels, you’ll take on “The Crossing” from Sam Hardy in Chapter 7. After taking out all the enemies in the main building, take the stairs up.
  • On the second floor, look for a small office to find a computer desk with this guide.
  • Island Guide #12

  • Travel south from the Military Base bridge to find a building called Villa Henderson. North of the villa, across the courtyard there’s a platform with a man named Eddie that’ll give a unique side-quest.
  • He gives the mission “Superhero,” which takes you southwest of the Sea Market to find special shoes. To the left of the shoes, you’ll find a table with this guide.
  • Island Guide #13

  • Check out the theater of the Old Town Cinema. You’ll find the guide on the floor at the front, behind the first row of chairs.
  • Island Guide #14

  • Locating inside the Old Town Cinema, you’ll find stairs on the left side of the cinema. Jump over the debris in your path to find a table with the guide.
  • Island Guide #15

  • Look outside the Sea Market in the southern section of Henderson. Be on the lookout for a cart against the northeast corner.
  • Island Guide #16

  • South of the Military Base, stick to the western edge of Henderson. Eventually you’ll reach Villa Henderson. Against the west wall, there’s a bench near the corner down a narrow path. The guide is on the bench.
  • Island Guide #17

  • South of Concert Plaza, but north of the Sea Market you can find the entrance into a Dead Zone called Infected Storage.
  • Look for a restaurant courtyard. On one of these tables, you’ll find the last guide.

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