Dead Island: Riptide – Secret Files Locations Guide

The mysteries of Dead Island: Riptide are revealed with these hidden secret file locations. Unlock some of collectibles, the secret files tend to be well hidden and difficult to find. No gamer wants to stumble around in the dark looking for missing collectibles. Save yourself the trouble and see where all the files are location in the text guide, right here.

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Secret Files Locations Guide


Secret File #1

  • The first secret file is found in Halai Village’s Dead Zone. Access the area by talking to Marcus after completing the “Saving Holy Man” main quest.
  • Inside the camp, look for a boathouse in the southern part of the base. There’s a bed in one of the rooms — look under it to find this file.
  • Secret File #2

  • In the same area as the previous collectible, you’ll eventually enter a toolshed while following the mission objective to take the tools.
  • Inside the shed, you can collect this file next to a Liquid Fire Mod. It’s just to the right of the entrance into the shed.
  • Secret File #3

  • Once you’ve taken the “White Line” quest from Bruce, you’ll be able to enter the basement of the drug dealer’s house.
  • After fighting the unique zombie and getting into the basement, you can find this file on a shelf across from the objective.
  • Secret File #4

  • The Biosphere Lab will open after accepting the “Way of Science” quest from Harlow in Chapter 4.
  • Explore the rooms next to Dr. Kessler’s lab to find an office with boxes inside. The file is on the floor near the cardboard boxes.
  • Secret File #5

  • During the quest to explore the tunnels in Chapter 6, you’ll eventually reach a room where the master key is located before leaving the underground area.
  • There’s a makeshift bed on a pallet in the room where you’ll find this file. It’s on the floor nearby.
  • Secret File #6

  • During the “Militarized Zone” quest, given by Hardy after reaching Henderson city, you’ll be tasked with exploring the Military Base.
  • After fighting your way to the Radio Room, you’ll encounter a special zombie in a hazmat suit. Here, look on the smaller computer desks to find this file.
  • Secret File #7

  • Still inside the Military Base, locate the table with a map that allows you to fast travel. The file is right on the table, and it’s hard to miss.
  • Secret File #8

  • During Chapter 11, you’ll be lead to Fort Henderson during “The Crash,” a quest given out by Trevor.
  • Look inside the wrecked helicopter to find this file on one of the backseats.
  • Secret File #9

  • In the Quarantine Zone of Henderson, accessible in Chapter 12 and 13, you’ll find this file behind a pile of wood boxes.
  • They’re easy to spot after taking the metal stairs down from the island to the docks.

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