Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Secret Outfit Guide

There are plenty of fashion disasters to be had by the illustrious Frank West as he explodes the mall / casino environment of Fortune City. Sometimes though, dressing up in a sci-fi themed cocktail dress just isn’t enough, you need to go one step further to become a truly legendary photo journalist. Below you’ll find a list of secret and hidden outfits that provide special bonuses or just look cool.

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Outfit Guide

Chuck Greene Outfit:

  • Play Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with a Dead Rising 2 saved game file on your harddrive.

Dealer Outfit:

  • Found in the backroom office of the Yucatan Casino.

Tattered Clothing Outfit:

  • Unlock the “Party Time” Achievement / Trophy.

Willamet Security Outfit:

  • Unlock the “Maintaining The City” Achievement / Trophy.


  • Boots: In the South Plaza, look in an empty store right of the under construction Ultimate Playhouse.
  • Clothes: Unlock the “Save the Girl… Again” Achievement / Trophy.
  • Facepaint: Found in Shank’s knife store, in the Palisades Mall.
  • Nightvision Goggles: Purchaseable inside the Platinum Strip Pawnshop.


  • Boots: In the Fortune City Arena, check in the Security Room unlocked by Rebecca.
  • Clothes: Defeat the psychopath Carl during the “Mail Order” Zombrex mission.
  • Mask: In the Silver Strip, found inside the Wedding Chapel.
  • Hair: In the Platinum Strip, watch the film shown between 12 AM and 2 AM at the Paradise Platinum Screens movie theater


  • Boots: In the Uranus Zone, look inside the sports store.
  • Clothes: Unlock the “Elite Killer” Achievement / Trophy.
  • Hood: Found in the Royal Flush Mall, on the second floor. Climb up a phonebooth and jump to each ledge to reach a Neo-Roman store facade with open windows. Inside you’ll find some goodies and the hood against the back wall.
  • Mask: Found behind a desk near the entrance of the Shoal Nightclub in the Yucatan Casino.

Sports Fan

  • Cleats: In Royal Flush Plaza, check inside the SporTrance sports store.
  • Clothes: In the Palisades Mall, check inside the KokoNutz Sports Town sports store.
  • Facepaint: In the Americana Casino, climb up to the second floor of the restaurant and use the large light fixtures to jump to a ledge on the far end of the room.
  • Helmet: In the Silver Strip, look in the back room of Hot Excitorama.

Proto Man

  • Helmet: Force Jack to strip while playing strip poker in the “Ante Up” mission, or kill him during Sandbox Mode.
  • Armor: Unlock the “Challenge Experience” Achievement / Trophy.
  • Boots: In the Palisades Mall, look inside the Ultimate Playhouse.
  • Gun/Shield: Unlock the “Save the Girl Yet Again” Achievement / Trophy.

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