Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • CASE 1
  • CASE 2
  • CASE 3
  • CASE 4
  • CASE 5
  • CASE 6
  • CASE 7
  • CASE 8

    1. Follow the arrow to the Plaza, then make your way to Fortune Park for a scene.
    2. Go left. Take out the two soldiers, then destroy the Harvester. Proceed forward and destroy the next Harvester out in front of Uranus zone.
    3. Cut across to the right and take out another group of soldiers who will be guarding the next Harvester in front of the Fortune City Hotel.
    4. Advance and take out the next Harvester near the Royal Flush Plaza.
    5. Next, follow the arrow to destroy the fifth Harvester in Platinum Strip in front of Moe’s Maginations. Head into Dining at Davey’s across the way and grab some food lying around for some extra health.
    6. Follow the arrow to the next Harvester, which will be near the Souvenier Kiosk.
    7. After you destroy that one, take out the next one across the way from the Peep Hole.
    8. The next and final one will be just up the way in front of Juggz. Pick up a rifle (you’ll need it later), then destroy the final Harvester.
    9. Following the cutscene, turn left in through Uranus zone. Follow the arrow toward the theme park for an awesome final battle with Stacey.
    10. To start off, dart for the open container to the left. If you don’t have a rifle, there will be one on the floor, along with some health. Peek out from the container and aim for the red “eye” of the contraption and unload on it.
    11. Stacey’s toy, however, will unload heat-seeking missiles toward you, which will get old fast. If ever you need more health, go all the way through the other side of the container and grab some fish from the pond to the left. There will also be a maintenance room nearby to build weapons.
    12. However, the best weapon of choice to take down Stacey’s toy would be something you can hack and slash with, preferably a samurai sword. Take that and get close to it, but watch out for the steam it randomly shoots out from its base.
    13. When you see either of its claws go up, perform a roll to get out of the way. Once one of them gets lodged in the ground, quickly hack it break off the armor around its pinchers.
    14. Repeat this process several times. Keep in mind that once some of the armor begins to fall of, his health will begin to drain quicker.
    15. Once you get it down to one star the real fun begins. Move quickly to doge the containers it will hurl at you, and watch out when it tries to grab you with its pinchers.
    16. Similar to before, the best way to inflict damage on it is after it gets one of its pinchers stuck in the ground, run up to it and hack the exposed circuity.
    17. Once you get it down it down to its final bar of health, walk on the nearby pincher on the floor and use to jump up on the platform. Press the Square button once on top to activate the rack.
    18. Hop down, carefully avoid the missiles and the flames and do the same thing on the adjacent platform.
    19. This will cause the part the Stacey is controlling to collapse. After it does, run up it and press the Square button to fight Stacey. From there, follow the onscreen button combinations to combat her. Repeat this process two more times to defeat her and beat the game.

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    3 Comments on Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Walkthrough


    On November 1, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    cool videos do you play pc games if you do i have a suggjestion for videos a game called runescape


    On November 19, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    My character of Frank is up to level 32 and still I am struggling to beat him!
    I have been using the “Blambow,”and once that is finished, use the assault rifle and just before near death, I went into the kill with the “Laser Sword” in hand. This has worked for me in the past with Chuck but it seems a bit harder as Frank this time around,(even as fully dressed ninja?)
    I shall try using it the way you recommend, thank you.


    On March 8, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Is TK harder or easier same with twins