Dead Rising 3 Preview: A Zany Zombie Apocalypse

Weapons and Customization

As for the meat of the game, you’ll (unsurprisingly) be killing zombies. And to do so, you’ll have to equip yourself with weapons you find in the environment. Thankfully, like previous games in the series, everything you find in the world can be used as a weapon—though some of them, like trash cans, may be completely useless.

When you kill zombies you earn prestige points, and you’re able to customize your leveling in the game. Using blueprints you can create hundreds and hundreds of base weapons you can then turn into combo weapons and when you level up you can put your prestige points into different categories like weapons crafting for tons of new options or unarmed combat so you can punch the zombies to bits if you so desire.

One inventive weapon we were shown throws a circular saw at a zombie, splitting it in half from head to toe, the two sides of its body peeling away. The devs call that one the banana split.

When you find and create weapons, or discover clothing, it is saved in a locker that you can find at any safe house so you won’t have to run back to find the outfit and weapon you wish to equip. Once it’s unlocked, it’s yours forever to use. You can still change your outfits on the fly and you’ll see what you chose in the game’s cinematics.


Beyond weapons, physics is playing a larger role than before. Vehicles are now affected by the weight of zombies, so if you plow into a crowd the weight of all the bodies will slow you down. The kind of vehicle you’re driving will also determine how easy it is for a zombie to pull you out. The world is more dynamic with fences you can bust through and windows you can shatter.


Survivors are more than just characters who tagalong with you. Instead of having to protect them as you would in an escort quest, survivors help you in this game and you can form a little posse with them. They are not characters whom you babysit. They also tag safehouses, showing you where to go. You can play cooperatively with your friends to complete missions, but you’re not required to do so. The option to play with these survivors exists so you don’t have to play the game alone.


Using SmartGlass and your phone’s voice recognition, you can create waypoints in-game to show you the way. There’s also special missions you get with SmartGlass, and you can use them to improve your perks. Unfortunately, if you do not have a SmartGlass-compatible device, these options will not exist for you.

We were very impressed with the gameplay and freedom offered in the open world mode and are looking forward to seeing how the other game play modes work before launch.

Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 is set for a 2014 release on the Xbox One as a launch title. Stay tuned to Game Front for more zombie-killing coverage.

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On August 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm

how is it a 2014 release when the Xbox One launch these year you know November of 2013