Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough

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  • Chapter 00
  • Chapter 01
  • Chapter 02
  • Chapter 03
  • Chapter 04
  • Chapter 05
  • Chapter 06
  • Chapter 07
  • Overtime

  • Chapter 03

    It’s about time to find Annie. Exit the strip club and head directly for the location of the plane. Enter the building and talk to the survivors near the broken plane. After acquiring some information about Annie, exit the warehouse and follow the waypoint to the safe zone.

    Locate the graffiti symbol and enter through the side door. Speak to the girl through the wall and receive some item retrieval requests. Immediately leave and begin searching for the Lauren’s tattoo kit. After driving to the waypoint, climb the bus and enter the school.

    Inside of the school you will face some special zombie football players. Avoid their harsh tackles and kill them swiftly. Move downstairs and follow the waypoint to the tattoo kit. Retrieve the item and make a hasty exit from the school.

    The next item is Lauren’s ring box. Drive to the half-built mansion down the road and enter through the window over the scaffolding. After neutralizing the thugs inside, grab the wedding ring. Quickly return to Lauren at the safe zone.

    Continue your search for Annie and find her in a building with a few trigger-happy survivors. First, head outside and make your way to one of the camera locations. Use a firearm to destroy the security camera. Repeat the process for the next two.

    Focus your attention on the relays next. Search for the relays with extreme caution due to the military personnel equipped with assault rifles. Clear the area and climb up to the relay. Pull the wires from the circuit box to destroy it. Repeat for the next relay.

    Burning supplies is a key factor in survival. Locate the first military supply caches and enter the warehouse. Once again, be cautious of the men with machine guns. Deactivate the tripwire by throwing a wooden box through it. Next, use an incendiary weapon to ignite the supplies. Travel to the next supply cache and enter the building.

    After a terrifying introduction to the psychopath doctor, get up from the surgical table and fight Albert. Chase him down and continue to attack him. Pick up the organ coolers lying around and destroy them to get the real Albert’s attention. Next, get close and use the on-screen button combinations to do significant damage.

    After all of the excitement, don’t forget to burn the supply cache. Locate it and ignite the supplies. Once the favor is finished, return to the comm tower to regroup with Annie and the other activists.

    Forge a new plan and travel to the city’s police station. Inside, take cover from the armed militants and follow Hilde. Neutralize the enemies before proceeding forward. While chasing Hilde, be cautious of the assortment of zombies, large inmates, and military personnel.

    Isolate Hilde in an office room upstairs. Take cover from her fierce desert eagles and start a good old fashioned gun fight. Inflict damage until she summons reinforcements. Continue to fight the police until Hilde is finished off. Retrieve the flash drive and return to Annie with the information.

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