Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Zombrex Locations

In the world of Dead Rising, if you’re bit by a zombie, you’re a goner. Unless, of course, you take a daily dose of Zombrex. Every day Frank West is running around Fortune City, he’ll need a dose of the stuff — and it doesn’t come cheap. Buying it comes at a steep 50,000 dollars a pop. But, if you look carefully, free Zombrex can be found scattered throughout the city. Join us as we list all the known locations of hidden Zombrex in Dead Rising: Off the Record.

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Zombrex Locations

  1. The first Zombrex you’ll find while playing the main campaign is at Roy’s Mart, after fighting the looters. It’s in the backroom, you can’t miss it.
  2. More Zombrex can be purchased at the looter shops, one in Fortune City Park, and the other in the Royal Flush. These cost a steep 50,000 each.
  3. An easy Zombrex can be found early in the game. Take the elevator to the Safe House roof, and run around to the back of the elevator room. There’s hidden Zombrex just ready to be taken.
  4. Find another free Zombrex in the Jump Space 7 Restaurant, in the Uranus Zone. Run up to the second floor and break a window to reach a small platform on the ledge. Follow it to find a hidden Zombrex.
  5. More Zombrex can be found in the tunnels, underneath the entrance to the Silver Strip. Run down the platform from ladder, the Zombrex is just on the ground, by itself.
  6. Zombrex can also be found in Security Box #999, accessed in the Bank Vault in the Uranus Zone. To find the key, just use the Silver Strip entrance into the Atlantica Casino, where you’ll face a huge statue and a fountain. The key is just in that fountain.
  7. Another Zombrex is inside Security Box #673, again accessed in the Bank Vault inside Uranus Zone. You can find the key in the Fortune City Hotel, on the ground near the double doors leading into the construction area.
  8. Fighting the Mailman Psychopath and defeating him will net you some free Zombrex.
  9. If you’ve saved Sven the paramedic, visit the lounge of the Safe House on day three and speak with him. He’ll request alcohol; whiskey or vodka will work. If you complete his request, you’ll get a dose of Zombrex for your trouble. — Thanks to Adam for the tip!

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3 Comments on Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Zombrex Locations


On October 24, 2011 at 4:06 am

9. On the third day, if you’ve rescued Sven the paramedic, you can meet with him in the safe house lounge. He’ll ask you for some hard alcohol; vodka or whiskey will do fine. Fulfill his request and he’ll give you some Zombrex for your troubles. Note that you don’t get a call about this request, nor does it show up as a mission you can track.


On July 31, 2012 at 4:17 pm

Also, another zombrex can be get by doing hunger pain mission. Give the guy food and get him to the safe house. He then will give you zombrex.


On September 11, 2012 at 1:22 pm

There’s some free zombrex in the Underground beside the ladder to the Silver Strip, i think this was the same in the original DR2 also. I just found some there right now