Dead Space 2 Eyes On Impressions

ded spayse 2We had a chance to see a behind-closed-doors presentation of Dead Space 2 at E3 today. It blew our faces off. It is faster, thrashier even. Hit the jump for a few details on new weapons, enemies and our jaw-dropped reactions.

The demo we saw started Isaac out (wearing his standard mining suit) deep within the halls of the Church of Unitology. As Isaac made his way through, he started killing necromorphs–and some new enemies–like a son ova bitch. This is when our jaws kind of hit the floor. What follows is a description of the different gameplay elements we observed. Enjoy it, and join us in sadness that Dead Space 2 won’t be out until 01/25/2010.

Telekinetic Limb Killing
This new combat mechanic allows Isaac to blow off alien limbs, grab a hold of them using telekinesis, and hurl them at enemies as an actual weapon. It looked wonderful.

Puker Enemy
You can probably guess what this enemy is all about. His whole deal is he wants to puke his disgusting acid vomit on Issac. Very disgusting and great.

Telekinesis to Solve Puzzles
In Dead Space 2 you’ll be able to use telekinesis to move objects in the air and solve puzzles. Isaac stumbled into a room with a giant revolving thing in its center that we described as the “Event Horizon Machine.” That’s exactly what it looked like. Anyway, Isaac uses telekinesis to align several conduits along the device’s edges, and deactivate it.

Zero Gravity Gameplay Looks Way Better
There was zero gravity gameplay in Dead Space 1, but it looks a hell of a lot better here. You’ll have full 360 degree control of the camera and Isaac’s movements, allowing for much smoother navigation.

New Mining Suit
Isaac went into a pod, and came out a new man with a new suit. It’s a little sleeker, almost like the Crysis suit.

New Enemy: The Tripod
In the Church of Unitology, Isaac was unfortunate enough to encounter this thing. It’s essentially a giant, frothing spider. Isaac chipped away at it using the Plasma Cutter, aiming for its bulbous weak spot. It’s legs were super sharp and it kind of stomped around, and could climb extremely fast.

New Weapon: Impaling Arrows
This was one of those jaw-drop moments. Isaac can use this new crossbow-looking weapon. It shoots darts and impales enemies, and hurls them back to the nearest wall where they’re rather violently pinned. Wonderful.

New Enemy: The Pack
I got a little scared at this part, honestly. In the same beautiful church area, where Isaac fought the Tripod, he also encountered The Pack. Boy…so, The Pack. These little bastards are pale, short, scrambling demon babies with very long claws. Like a bunch of pissed off Golems out for blood with a herd mentality. Horrible. They attacked Isaac in a swarm, living up to their title.

New City: The Sprawl
Near the end of the demo, Isaac approached a large window overlooking a huge space city. The detail was pretty incredible, and it gave you a sense of the size of the outside world in Dead Space 2.

Dead Space 2 appears to be heading in a very welcome direction: exponentially more gore, a quicker pace and some new weapons that look awesomely fun to wield. We’ll definitely keep an eye on Dead Space 2 this year. And now, I have to try and sleep and not think of a pale demon baby scrambling at me.

Also, here’s the E3 trailer for your enjoyment.

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On June 20, 2010 at 6:08 pm looks so exciting
“New Weapon: Impaling Arrows”
waho.great for me ,i want to try it !