Dead Space 2 Modes, Schematics, and Equipment

Dead Space 2 isn’t packed with collectibles to the extent that other games are, but there are nevertheless a couple of unlockables perks. See the information below to find out what they are and how to unlock them. We also have a full walkthrough, a Cheats page (which combines all our Dead Space 2 information) and lists of achievements and trophies.

Game Modes

Hardcore Mode – Beat the game on any difficulty. Hardcore mode recalls other, more unforgiving games. It’s stingy with health and ammo packs, there are no checkpoints, and you only get three save slots.

New Game + – Reminiscent, again, of other games. In this mode, you can start the game over with the unlocks and equipment you earned in your first playthrough. It is also the only mode you can unlock certain items in.

Unlockable Equipment

Dead Space 1 Plasma Cutter – Have a Dead Space 1 save file on your hard drive.

Riot Elite Suit - Purchasable from the store at the beginning of New Game + Mode.

Other Elite RIG Suits – Similar to the Riot Elite suit, there are a number of elite suits available to Isaac in NG+. In order to make them purchaseable at the store, however, you will need to find the schematics.

  • Elite Engineering Suit Schematic – On a couch, right by the very first store in the game.
  • Vintage Elite Suit Schematic - Right after you fight the first brute, by some mannequins in a shop window.
  • Advanced Security Suit Schematic - After the tram ride in Chapter 9, hanging on a railing.
  • Advanced Elite Suit Schematic - After the elevator ride in Chapter 11, turn around and use Kinesis to retrieve the schematic from behind the rail.

Hand Cannon – If you beat the game in Hardcore Mode, you’ll unlock the “Hand Cannon,” which is actually just a large foam finger. Isaac will supply verbal sound effects when it is used.

Multiplayer Unlockables – As is de rigeur these days, the Dead Space 2 multiplayer mode has an RPG-lite level-based customization system. By earning XP online, you’ll unlock different upgrades to your suit and equipment.

  • Solid Army Green Suit: Level 4
  • Line Gun: Level 7
  • Solid Red Suit: Level 8
  • Force Gun: Level 11
  • Solid Black Suit: Level 13
  • Increased Magazine Size (Plasma Cutter): Level 14
  • Solid Olive Suit: Level 16 Seeker Rifle: Level 17
  • Urban Camo Blue Suit: Level 20
  • Urban Camo Army Green Suit: Level 23
  • Increased Magazine Size (Line Gun): Level 25
  • Urban Camo Red Suit: Level 26Javelin Gun: Level 28
  • Increased Magazine Size (Force Gun): Level 29
  • Urban Camo Military: Level 32
  • Increased Magazine Size (Seeker Rifle): Level 33
  • Increased Weapon Damage (Plasma Cutter): Level 34
  • Urban Camo Olive Suit: Level 36
  • Tiger Camo Blue Suit: Level 41
  • Increased Weapon Damage (Line Gun): Level 42
  • Increased Magazine Size (Javelin Gun): Level 44
  • Tiger Camo Army Green Suit: Level 45
  • Increased Weapon Damage (Force Gun): Level 46
  • Tiger Camo Red Suit: Level 49Increased Damage (Seeker Rifle): Level 50
  • Tiger Camo Military Suit: Level 52
  • War Torn Suit: Level 56
  • Increased Weapon Damage (Javelin Gun): Level 57
  • Visceral Games Suit: Level 59

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