Dead Space 2: Severed Walkthrough

Having survived the Sprawl (perhaps a couple times over) with Dead Space 2 protagonist Isaac, Dead Space players can return to those necromorph-infested environs in Dead Space 2: Severed, the first package of DLC from developers Visceral Games. Taking control of soldier Gabe Weller, you’ll have an arsenal that leans slightly heavier on the “shooty” than the “choppy.” More scares await players around every corner, so to prepare you, we’re coming in hot with a full text and video walkthrough.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

  1. Start by heading left down the tunnel, toward the crashed rover thing in the corner on your left. Be careful as you approach it — there’s a pustule enemy on the ground that will spit mines at you if you approach too closely.
  2. Kill the pustule as you near the rock mounds and go past the crashed vehicle. To your right, you’ll see another body. Take the medpack from it and heal up.
  3. Around the corner is another of those pustules, on the ground on the other side of the rock mound near the body. Kill it, and watch out for a crawling head necromorph coming your way as well. A few quick shots should put it down.
  4. Keep moving toward the blue light. You’ll see a few more bodies, both humans and necromorphs, and an ammo clip for your pulse rifle. Immediately to the right of that is another pustule, stuck to the wall. Kill it and head up the corridor toward the door.
  5. You’ll find a flamethrower on the body near the exit. Snag it and turn to the right, where another tunnel extends before you.
  6. POWER NODE: Head down the tunnel toward its end and look for a purple light on the ground on the left side of the chamber where it ends. Grab it — it’s a Power Node, which you can use to upgrade your equipment and open some locked doors.
  7. Return to the exit door and head through. In the next room, you’ll find a Save Point and a Store, as well as a Bench. Here you can grab fresh equipment with your small amount of spending money, as well as upgrade your equipment, should you feel the need to.
  8. Head out the next door and start forward. You’ll see a Slasher necromorph dragging a body at the end of the hall — blast it from a distance and it’ll come charging toward you. Hit it in the limbs to kill it.
  9. There’s another slasher around the corner on the right. Kill it and you’ll find a crate on the ground that you can stomp to reveal some money.
  10. Keep going forward into the main chamber here, which is full of big grinders. As you move into the center, you’ll be ambushed by several different enemies — guys with big exploding arms among them, and if you get too close, they’ll blow you up. There are also the child-sized Pack mixed in.
  11. The blue canisters around the room will explode with Stasis, affecting any monsters near them, if you shoot them or throw them with Kinesis. Use them effectively here and you should be fine in this fight.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT/TROPHY: If you can knock an enemy in to the grinders, you’ll unlock the “Grind House” Achievement. Do so by using Stasis on an enemy and drawing him toward you and the grinders, then let him grapple with you. Break the grapple when you’re facing the grinders and Gabe will kick the necromorph over the side and into the machinery, snagging you the achievement.
  13. Round the corner and follow the corridor going forward. You’ll have a ways to go, and despite the sounds you hear, you won’t be attacked. When you hit the room with the yellow generator on the right wall, get ready for a fight.
  14. You’ll see another member of the security team up on the platform above you. You can’t reach him from here, so head left to a staircase to climb up. You’ll see all kinds of explosive canisters around you (and you should be hearing a struggle), so snag one with Kinesis. When you approach Bryce, the other security team member, he’ll already be transformed — blow him up.
  15. Alternatively, you can fight Bryce off with Kinesis. He’s a Twitcher enemy, which means he can be very dangerous because of his fast movements and unpredictability. Stasis should slow him up long enough to take out him and the bat necromorph that converted him.
  16. With the platform above clear, you have some time to do some prep work. First, scour the room for equipment. Look for lots of crates on both the lower and upper levels. You should find plenty of ammunition and money.
  17. POWER NODE: If you start where you entered the room, near the yellow generator, head left past the blocked staircase. Stay on the lower floor and go right around the corner, then go to the furthest alcove on your left, where you’ll find a node.
  18. When you’ve gotten all the gear in this room, look for the explosive canisters. There’s an achievement to be had momentarily, as well as a big fight you’ll need to get through to get it. Move all the explosives to the center platform, where they’ll be handy to get to. Fill your Stasis at one of the machines ahead of the fight.
  19. There’s a switch on the center platform, and when you activate it, you’ll be attacked on two sides by waves of necromorphs. The battle is actually fairly tame if you don’t get bogged down fighting a single enemy for a long period of time. If you can manage to stay on the central platform without leaving it during the fight, you’ll unlock your achievement or trophy.
  20. Activate the switch by holding the action button down for a few seconds. When you do, you’ll start to hear necromorphs entering the room. They’ll come at you one or two at a time, luckily, so grab a canister and wait for the first — a twitcher you can take out quickly.
  21. If you keep hucking explosives at the bad guys, you should be able to deal with most or all of them before they ever get in range of you. You’ll need to keep your head on a swivel here and just keep checking for enemies, then heaving canisters at them until the timer runs out.
  22. ACHIEVEMENT: The “King of the Hill” Achievement unlocks if you can stay on the platform for the duration of this fight. Shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you use the canisters.
  23. Gather up any loot you want from the bodies and head through the big, newly unlocked door. Before long you’ll find a Save Point.

The Cargo Lift

  1. Take the lift down. At the bottom, you’ll have to fight off some necromorphs while you’re a bit tied up. Switch to a weapon that makes you comfortable.
  2. TIP: See those crates ahead of you? You need to take anything you want from them now, because in a second you’ll be leaving this room and the door will lock behind you.
  3. Fire away at the attacking necromorphs, doing what you can to keep them back from you. Snag any equipment you might want with Kinesis. After a few moments’ fighting, Gabe will dive through the door and leave the lift, and anything you might have wanted, behind.
  4. Not far from there, you’ll enter a large room with a ramp up to a second level, a cargo lift on the left, and several lockdown switches scattered throughout. Also scattered throughout are lots of bodies and loot crates. Take a minute to prepare for another big fight by emptying all the crates.
  5. TIP: All those bodies make good necromorph fodder for bats. In order to minimize the danger to you, take a preventative step by tossing them all off the side of the chasm on the right. It’ll save you a lot of trouble later.
  6. You’ll want to pick a spot to retreat to and make a stand against enemies in here — it’s the most effective way to minimize your ammo and health usage. I recommend the top of the cargo lift. It has javelins and you can pile all the canisters there for easy access.
  7. When you’re prepared, start by hitting the button on the top level and retreating to the cargo lift (ride it to the top first, so it’s there with you). Crawler necromorphs will attack you, but there should only be one or two. Hit them with explosives or Stasis and take them out quickly.
  8. You should still have a stockpile of stuff. Ride the lift down and hit one of the other two buttons, then retreat to the lift and ride it back up. Again, crawler necromorphs are the order of the day. Deal with them the same way you did before — they’re likely to jump up to you from the lower level, which makes them vulnerable to attack as they’re repositioning.
  9. Repeat the process a third time. Ride the lift down, hit the button, ride it back up. This last time, two bat necromorphs will appear — if you left the bodies, they’ll make a small squad of twitchers to come murder you. IF you dispatched with the bodies, the bats themselves will jump up to your level and attack, but you should be able to dispatch them with almost no effort. Mop up any remaining necros (twitchers, probably) and you’re clear.
  10. POWER NODE: From the lift on the top level, look straight across toward the chasm beyond (your back should be to the cave wall). A little to the right, you’ll see a ladder going up to a third level above you, which you can’t reach. There’s a technician stuck on the ladder there, dead. You might also see a purple light on his body. Hit him with Kinesis and you’ll snag a Power Node.
  11. Now just walk around the upper-level walkway to the newly unlocked Thermal Scanning Room. You’ll hit a Save Point inside, and there’s a Store and a Bench as well. Leave by the door up the ramp when you’re finished.
  12. POWER NODE: You’ll see a blue panel against the wall as you go through the door straight across from you, with a blue light on it. Activate the panel to reveal a node inside it.
  13. Turn right. As you round the corner, you’ll see a monster stuck to the wall, and an exploding infant on the ground. If you can, shoot the head off the infant and save its explosive back — then pick up the explody part and throw it at the wall creature to kill it instantly. If you can’t, try to shoot off its arms without getting too close. The wall creature drops a Gold Semiconductor when you’ve killed it, which you can sell at a Store.
  14. Move on around the corner. The path will split to the right at a dead end, and also continue ahead of you. If you take the right path, you’ll find a medpack — but be careful of the necromorph playing dead on the ground.
  15. Around the corner, you’ll go through a door leading up a ramp. Here you’ll face a big necromorph attack — try to grab the explosive canisters up ahead of you to use in your defense. All told, three or four crawlers will be among your attackers, as well as a couple of pukers further back.
  16. TIP: If you need it, there’s a medpack around the corner to your right, at the bottom of the ramp, in another alcove.
  17. Once you’ve cleared out the enemies, you can check the ramp room for some loot before continuing up to the Save Point at the top. Look in the alcoves at the bottom of the ramp.
  18. After saving, you’ll exit into an open room, where a drop ship opens fire on you. Get behind the nearby crates and look around you — there are a couple of explosive canisters you can grab with Kinesis. Pick them up and heave them at the ship, but be sure to stay out of the open.
  19. When you’ve hit the ship with three good blasts, it’ll fly off. Go around the crates and you’ll find yourself at a drop ship of your own. Activate the panel and it’ll take you to the hospital.
  20. ACHIEVEMENT: Defeat the gunship quickly — within 30 seconds — and the “Ship Shape” Achievement will be unlocked. This one’s secret.
  21. ACHIEVEMENT: Defeating Vic’s gunship earns you “The Betrayal” Achievement.

Chapter 1 – Part 1

Chapter 1 – Part 2

Chapter 2

  1. You’ll land near the hospital. Before venturing too far forward, use Kinesis to pick up the loot you see around you. Then start to move through the room toward the far door.
  2. First, you’ll be attacked by a slasher and a puker from the back left corner of the room. Hang back and try to handicap them from afar. As you’re finishing them, a Brute will come plowing through the door on the far side of the room, followed by exploding babies.
  3. Use Stasis on the brute and try to hack off its back legs. If you can, slice off the heads of the babies, then use their exploding bodies to damage the brute. Stasis is key — use it to dodge out of the brute’s way as it charges you. There’s a recharge station on the far side of the room.
  4. As you put fire into the brute’s face and back, you should bring it down before too long. Stick close to the Stasis panel if you need it, and just keep dodging around him and shooting him in the back. When you’re done, collect your Ruby Semiconductor from the brute’s body, and gather up the rest of the loot scattered around.
  5. Take the only door you can, and you’ll exit into a corridor exposed to space. Watch out for the blue lasers cutting across your path — those are mine trip wires. Grab a nearby body from the ground with Kinesis and throw it through the lines to blow the mines up without getting hurt.
  6. Round the corner and you’ll face a slasher necromorph. Kill it and exit through the door, where you’ll find a Store.
  7. POWER NODE: Go around the corner to the left from the Store and you’ll see a blue node panel on the wall.
  8. Move into the other section of the room and you’ll hit a Bench and a Save Point. Use both before exiting through the door on the left.
  9. You’ll enter a hospital reception area, where a necromorph is dragging a body. Fight it, but don’t enter the room yet; instead, grab one of the necro’s blades and shoot it at the necromorph body on the ground to the left of the door. That one will come to life.
  10. Kill the necro that was on the ground and a puker will drop from the ceiling immediately to your right, followed by another slasher. Back up slightly and you should be able to deal with both in the doorway, using it as a bottle neck.
  11. Check the room out for loot before heading out. There’s a panel on the wall you can open in the reception area to the right. After you have everything, take the elevator up to the top. You’ll exit into a hallway outside a room with thick living tentacles growing out of the floor, with bodies on tables. Shoot or throw something at the body nearest you and you’ll trigger an ambush.
  12. Again, use the doorway as a choke point, as you’re dealing with something like three or four slashers and a puker. Use something like the flamethrower to get all of them at once if you can, then quickly switch to a more effective weapon to get rid of the puker before it can get into range of you.
  13. POWER NODE: With them all dead, check for panels to your left as you go through the doorway. Near the exit is a clutch of gross pink fleshy tentacle things: look for a purple light on it, denoting a power node you can snag.
  14. In the hallway beyond this room, you’ll see three of those pustule things that live on surfaces. Shoot them to get them to cough up their explosives so you can go past.
  15. Open the security gate in the next area and you can pass through the room beyond. Check under the body near the doorway out for some cash, then head into the next corridor, where you’ll see a few Pack necros running up ahead of you. Use the Save Point before advancing.
  16. As you enter the next room, you’ll see a reception desk ahead, and the Pack will start to jump over the desk to rush you. Stand by the door and take them out — it takes almost nothing to kill them, so just try to conserve ammo with smart shots. After the first wave, as you head forward, you’ll hear a second one. Fall back to your same safe spot by the door and use the desk as a barricade over which to shoot.
  17. Pick up any loot you need from around the room and make your way toward one of the ramps. There’s more Pack above you, and as you move up, you’ll hear them again. Try to pick a place where you can put your back to a wall and take out the necros before heading up the ramps.
  18. At the top of the ramp, you’ll be tempted to take out the trip mines in front of you. Don’t. Instead, just move forward, because as you enter the room, necromorphs will ambush you. Let them take out the mines by getting killed by the traps. Mop up anything still moving and push on.
  19. You’ll hit another room ahead to the right, which has multiple blocked paths. Move in carefully, as there are necros all over this area waiting to ambush you. You’ll see a body just ahead — snag one of its blades and focus on the enemy lying prone to the right. Hit it with the blade to make it come after you, then kill it.
  20. Advance over to that room on the right and clear it of loot. When you’re done there, leave into the main corridor and turn right toward the blocked path. Beside the barricade is a small room with two bodies in it, and a few goodies you can grab.
  21. Now make for the door you need to get past the third barricade. You’ll see Vic ahead, fighting off enemies. Move through the room between you and him and you’ll exit on a bunch of slashers, which will drop down on you in spurts.
  22. Your objective marker tells you to go to the right when you’re done, but instead, head forward toward the back of this area. You’ll find a room with panels to loot and a door halfway open to your right, with a blue electrical panel behind it. Inside there, you’ll find a Store and a Bench.
  23. When you leave here, though, you’ll trigger an attack by a tall necro. This guy is fierce on his own, but when he falls over, he’ll break into several smaller, very dangerous pieces. The flamethrower is pretty effective against the body and the parts. When he dies, you’ll get a Gold Semiconductor for the effort.
  24. There’s also another slasher tooling around, so be careful it doesn’t drop down on you. Once that’s gone, you can follow your Objective Marker into another big waiting room.
  25. POWER NODE: See the rounded bench seat against the right wall, below the aquarium? Look beneath it for a power node. Loot the rest of the room while you’re at it — there’s a medium medpack behind the reception desk.

The Operating Rooms

  1. Open the next door and back up. You’ll see a “pregnant” necromorph waiting for you on the far side of the door. Step away from it and try to shoot its arms and legs off; if you hit it in the body, its bloated gut will spew tiny tripod monsters that will come after you.
  2. Past the pregnant is a Save Point. Use it and move through the next room, with the big blue tank, into an operating theater. Here you can check all the rooms for loot, including the one in the center.You’ll get ambushed by a puker in the center theater, and by a puker and a stalker with no legs as you round the corner and face the door. Use the side rooms for cover.
  3. You’ll enter another big operating theater next, but you’ll find yourself on the upper floor. Move down to the lowest level (and check the two panels on either end of the walkway), then head back toward the door. You’ll get harassed by a slasher, but he shouldn’t give you too much trouble. Hit the elevator when you’re ready.
  4. On the bottom floor of the operating theater, head inside the central chamber. You’ll be attacked by necromorphs shortly thereafter. Use the javelins in the center of the room if you need them. You’re dealing with a two groups of a slasher and a puker.
  5. Continue through to the elevator. Follow the hallways until you hit a room with some plants, where you’ll have to fight off a crawling stalker. Take the door out when you’re done into a long hallway with a big open room on the left. Don’t go left just yet.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: Progress down the long hallway before you and you can get the Peng treasure in this chapter. Make sure you have an open inventory slip and follow the path all the way into the shower room beyond. As you move to the back of that, you’ll face a pregnant. Kill it and go around the corner to the back of the room to find Peng and unlock the “Peng Me Again” Achievement.
  7. As you leave with Peng, the shower room becomes the scene of a big ambush, with three slashers and a pregnant. Back up if you have to and use Stasis to slow the enemies down and take them out systematically.
  8. Head back to the main hallway and enter that big room on the side. You’ll see that Bartlett’s just ahead of you, and then you’ll get attacked by a couple of exploding arm necromorphs, one from in front and one from behind, along with a legless puker up front and a legless stalker behind. Feel free to use Stasis to even the odds.
  9. Move around the corner and you’ll get a glimpse of a twitcher on your right, through a closed door. As you call the elevator on the left, the twitcher will appear behind you, so be careful. Duck into the elevator to escape if you need to. Hit the Save Point in the room ahead as you leave the elevator, then proceed through the door.
  10. Bartlett has booby trapped the walkway ahead. You can shoot the mines if you want, or grab the body of the dead necromorph from the room you just left. Use it to blow up the mines and save ammo.
  11. You’ll enter an office with computer screen spread out in front of you next. Check the sides of the room, where you’ll find holding cells beneath glass floors. One of these will trigger a cutscene with Lexine and Bartlett. Once it’s over, head to the next door to proceed.
  12. Descend the ramped hallway next, but be careful: at the top of the ramp, a necromorph will drop in behind you, and the same thing will happen further down. Just spin around and deal with the slashers. As you pass the chain-link fences separating the lower parts of the room, you’ll come under an ambush by The Pack. Back up and bottleneck them at the fence.
  13. Keep moving. The next hallway will include a Save Point. When you open the door, you’ll be ambushed by a tall man necromorph. Fight it off and you can continue to the right — where there’s a Bench and Store — or take a look to the left, where there’s a small amount of loot to pick up.
  14. After the Store, you’ll enter a big room filled with cargo crates. You’ll probably see them almost immediately, running between the crates and mantling over them — stalkers. There are a lot in here, and they’re gunning for you.
  15. As you enter, you’ll find yourself awfully exposed. Pull a strong gun and make your way to a corner, preferably to the right, where you’ll find some loot crates. From here, you can see threats coming at you from only two directions, instead of three. Listen carefully for the stalkers to scream as they start to charge toward you.
  16. Use Stasis and hammer away at the enemies as they make their way toward you one at a time. You should be able to fight off the initial wave without too much difficulty. When they’re dead, start to make your way to the left, around the corner from the door where you started.
  17. You’ll fight more stalkers as you go, so listen carefully and watch for movement. If you see one hunting you, get your back against a wall and turn to meet the threat. You should be able to fight off most or all of the stalkers without them getting to you, provided you have a lot in the way of Stasis packs. If not, try to dodge sideways as they approach and hammer them as they pass.
  18. After the first batch or two of stalkers, you’ll be ambushed by a small group of The Pack. These guys seem like they’re coming from all over, but they’re not — they’re generally coming from one central location, so if you back away and face them, you should be able to take them out fairly easily. Just open fire on them as they approach.
  19. Keep moving until you come to a blue battery stuck in the wall. Use Kinesis to pull it out, then toss it over the empty rack to the right, where you should see a red battery. You’ll need to replace the red one with the blue one.
  20. Turn around and double back, cutting through the middle of the room from the door you started with. That’ll put you on path to the door you need to use to leave, but you’ll again be attacked by stalkers as you go. Take your time and face them down systematically.
  21. Past the stalkers, as you approach the door, you’ll get jumped by The Pack again. Use the same tactics as before, backing away and centering them in your view. Watch for them from the left.
  22. That does it. Replace the battery to open the door to the hangar, where those two men in white that grabbed Lexine are being changed into necromorphs. Don’t hesitate — blast the bats as best you can and back toward a secure position, like through the doorway, or at least into the corner.
  23. Hit the two white twitcher necros with Stasis straight away and pound them with your best gun. No reason to mince here — you’re almost to the end. Dispatch these guys safely.
  24. You’re clear. You can loot the room for ammo quickly, but this isn’t essential. Head to the right side of the gunship Lexine boarded and you’ll find a panel to hack. Do so and another cutscene is triggered.
  25. Time for the final stand. Pull out your strongest or most reliable gun (the pulse rifle, more than likely) and get ready to fight off necromorphs while you shoot the fuses around the airlock hatch. There are four of them, and they’ll all open as the sequence begins. You just need to shoot the pink lights.
  26. ACHIEVEMENT: DON’T SHOOT ALL THE FUSES YET! If you want to nab one more achievement before you go, sit tight and start blasting the necromorphs coming at you for a minute. Kill 16 or more of them and “The Alamo” Achievement is yours.
  27. ACHIEVEMENT: Once you finish Severed and watch the credits, you’ll get “The Sacrifice” Achievement.

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On March 23, 2011 at 3:17 pm

Excellent walkthrough and overall was just a great DLC experience.


On March 29, 2011 at 1:55 am

Cool Walkthrough was very good i like it thank you very much …..


On December 15, 2011 at 10:51 pm

Great walkthrough. I would say find the names for the creatures, but I would bet that so few people actually know the names for the Necromorph varieties that they wouldn’t know if they saw the names. For instance, the necromorph stuck to a wall is a Guardian.