Dead Space 3: Artifact Locations Guide

Get help finding every artifact in Dead Space 3 here on our locations guide. Each artifact is representative of one of the factions in the Dead Space universe, but they only serve as a unique collectible. You’ll even earn an achievement for your troubles. Get all the locations below.

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Artifact Locations Guide



  • Artifact #1: Just as the game starts and the player finds himself in the middle of a snowstorm, immediately turn left and walk towards a small hill. Go around to the left side of the hill, and you should see a shining light in the distance — that’s how you’ll know there’s a missing artifact ahead. Very easy to miss.

Chapter 1:

  • Artifact #1: The Earth Gov Artifact is found in the room where Isaac uses Stasis for the first time. Enter the large chamber and turn left to find a dead end corner with the artifact.
  • Artifact #2: A Unitology Artifact can be found after riding the elevator down. As you exit, look right and behind the desk to find it.

Chapter 2:

  • Artifact #1: On your way to the bridge, you’ll take steps down. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs, and enter the door to your left. Forward is the way to the bridge, but turn right instead and run down the long hallway. At the end of the hall, there’s another artifact.

Chapter 3:

  • Artifact #1: Down the main path, you’ll taken an elevator down then cross into a long hallway with a door leading right into another room. Use Kinesis to move the boxes blocking your way. Inside, run up the steps and back down toward the door. The exit door will be to your right, but turn left to find the artifact tucked away.

Chapter 4:

  • Artifact #1: Find this EarthGov artifact in a corner of the Officer’s Quarters, with the hanging deer head.
  • Artifact #2: This artifact is found while Isaac attempts to reach the skiff platform while in space. After exiting the air lock, look down for a trench where the next artifact is contained.

Chapter 5 – Greely Optional Quest:

  • Artifact #1: The first Alien Artifact is found in the experimentation room down the steps from the hub with the ladder. Enemies will attack, but look on the right wall for a hidden artifact.
  • Artifact #2: Outside the Greely, look for a damaged section you can access in zero-g. Below a large eagle, there’s a door you can open with Telekinesis. Inside, you can find another S.C.A.F. artifact.

Chapter 5:

  • Artifact #1: On the bridge, look out from the windows and check out the right wall to find an artifact near another audio log.
  • Artifact #2: After getting another tutorial, found while exploring following the elevator malfunction, you’ll climb a ladder. Look right before continuing down the hallway.

Chapter 4 – Conning Tower Optional Quest:

  • Artifact #1: In the engine room, find this artifact down a ladder, resting on top of a crate.

Chapter 6:

  • Artifact #1: Once you’re back in space, start at the Space Dock of the Terra Nova ship. There’s a big chunk of floating debris visible from the dock containing this chapter’s artifact.

Chapter 8:

  • Artifact #1: When the path forward inside the pipe breaks, you’ll need to return to the snowy exterior. Run ahead to the locked door, and climb the ladder up to a catwalk. Turn left at the top to find the artifact.

Chapter 9:

  • Artifact #1: After fighting through the kitchen and room with beds, the following room has a set of doors blown open to your left. Inside, an artifact is on the ground in the corner.
  • Artifact #2: Once the fight against a huge Necromorph outside is finished, you’ll enter an interior building with a ladder to the left in the second room. The ladder leads up to a quarters with a text log, a blueprint, and an artifact.

Chapter 9 – Supply Depot Optional Quest:

  • Artifact #1: Near the end of the mission, you’ll enter the Explosive Storage Room past another bench. Turn right past an elevator holding a stash of treasure.

Chapter 10:

  • Artifact #1: Check right of the doors leading into the excavation site to find the artifact. This is the second alien artifact.
  • Artifact #2: Leaving the drilling area, you’ll ride a lift up to the outside. There’s a lit up alcove ahead just off your main path containing the artifact.

Chapter 11:

  • Artifact #3: On the main path through the exterior of the hanger, you’ll eventually reach a door leading into a barracks. Look left of the door to find this artifact.

Chapter 11 – Armory Optional Quest

  • Artifact #1: The first room of the armory contains a kiosk and a bench against the left wall. On the right, you can find an artifact.
  • Artifact #2: Once you have the Armory Key, backtrack up the elevator and through the right door. In the room full of crates, check the far back wall to find this artifact behind some boxes.

Chapter 13:

  • Artifact #1: Push forward and climb the mountain until you’re faced with Necromorphs with explosive sacs. The main path leads forward to a bench and weapon part, but check out the alcove left instead to grab this artifact.

Chapter 14:

  • Artifact #1: Further inside the Neurology room, check out the barrels against the left wall.
  • Artifact #2: Another alien artifact is found inside the infested zoo. As you enter the area, look to the right to find this item.
  • Artifact #3: Entering a large arena filled with boxes strewn about, Necromorphs will ambush. Follow the path to the Geology area’s entrance, but keep your eyes looking right. The artifact is near the entrance to the Disposal optional quest.
  • Artifact #4: In the next exterior area, after riding an elevator, look behind the boxes against the right wall.

Chapter 14 – Reaper Barracks Optional Quest

  • Artifact #1: Inside the bunk room with the bench, look right of the bench to find this artifact.

Chapter 14 – Disposal Services Optional Quest

  • Artifact #1: Before getting on the lift inside the storage room, cross the path leading right into a dead end.

Chapter 17:

  • Artifact #1: The first alien artifact is left of the starting point, near the bench.
  • Artifact #2: Deeper into the city, you’ll find a huge vista leading to a more narrow cave full of boxes and supplies. Inside this cave, look left behind some crates.
  • Artifact #3: Another alien artifact can be found just as you enter a giant alien chamber with a circular shape on your map. Just as you enter, check out an alcove to the left bathed in darkness to grab this artifact.

Chapter 17 – Artifact Storage Optional Quest:

  • Artifact #1: This artifact is found in an alcove, inside the large cylindrical Zero-G chamber, one floor up from the bottom level.

Chapter 18:

  • Artifact #1: This alien artifact is found in the large circular arena room. Navigate the huge bricks blocking the left side of the arena and follow the left path, looking to the left wall before leaving to find this artifact on the ground in the dark.
  • Artifact #2: Get another artifact by running to the center of the room, taking the left bridge, then turning left instead of right. Check out the area opposite the main locator’s path to find a hidden artifact behind a slimy tentacle.

Chapter 19:

  • Artifact #1: The last collectible is found in a cylindrical chamber filled with scientific gear, near a circular hole in the center of the room. It’s on your main locator path through the chapter.

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