Dead Space 3 ‘Awakened’ DLC Review: Short, Not At All Disturbing

I can’t say that Awakened isn’t fun, because Dead Space 3 is fun. But this very easily could have been the last chapter of Dead Space 3 without much hassle, and the DLC certainly doesn’t add much to the overall framework of either the experience of the game or its story, which means it’s not much of an expansion. Instead, it’s an excuse to jump back into Dead Space 3 and shoot up some more things — but it isn’t meaningfully different from what you’ve experienced outside of one or two moments, and so it has very little to really offer. It would be one thing if Awakened really was as “disturbing” as the developers had claimed, but it really is not, unless you count some cliche trips to an insanity dimension (much like what we saw in Dead Space 2), some static images of bloody figures (which we’ve seen for three games now), and the occasional basket of severed hands (which is not nearly as disturbing as it sounds here).

Awakened is a thin piece of DLC that really only subsists on what made Dead Space 3 good to begin with, and offers little else. It also sells you the real ending to a game you already bought, and the big cliffhanger setup for Dead Space 4, at the rate of $10 — and that kind of sucks.


  • Dead Space 3 is fun to play, and this is more of that both in single player and cooperative modes
  • Uses the insanity trope, which was lacking for single player from Dead Space 3
  • Brings back The Pack, which is good news
  • A few cool moments, especially toward the end
  • Like Dead Space 3, fully single player-ready and cooperative
  • More good atmosphere


  • Totally undermines the narrative (and conclusion) of vanilla Dead Space 3…
  • …While also undercutting its own narrative
  • Not nearly as disturbing as it was advertised to be
  • Retreads the same gameplay territory as Dead Space 3 without adding much
  • Sets up Dead Space 4 by basically selling you the “real” ending of the game you already purchased, but for an extra $10

Final Score: 50/100

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2 Comments on Dead Space 3 ‘Awakened’ DLC Review: Short, Not At All Disturbing


On March 18, 2013 at 6:11 pm

Yep I agree with you Phil.

Capcom pulled this stunt as well with Asuras Wrath in which the sold you the ending as DLC as well.

EA just copys what every other company does and knows nothing about customer service and I think they never will.


On March 18, 2013 at 11:11 pm

The best part of this was that Isaac is losing his mind again. I know he “overcame” the influence of the Markers in the second game, but the hallucinations always added more to the horror than the necromorphs ever did, so it was a shame that this could only be experienced in co-op in the main game. Hopefully, this means the next game will have this feature, too. But yeah, it was far too short given that so much of if was recycled. Tau Volantis is a big place, so why are we seeing the same parts again? Seeing a different ship around the planet would have been good too. Given the amount of recycling, the length leaves much to be desired.