Dead Space 3: Circuit Locations Guide

Circuits are valuable in Dead Space 3, allowing Isaac to upgrade his weapons. Get your hands on every circuit hidden throughout the derelict space ships and snowy stations in Visceral’s third sci-fi survival horror, we’ll provide instructions below. Check out the list below.

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Survive Tau Volantis with Game Front’s Dead Space 3 game guide, showing you how to complete every stage of the singleplayer campaign. For secrets like easter eggs, achievement guides, and exploits — browse over to our list of Dead Space 3 cheats.

Circuit Locations Guide


Chapter 3:

  • Circuit #1: After taking the elevator on the space ship, immediately turn right to find the first hidden circuit. These will always be hidden inside similar wall-mounted boxes.
  • Circuit #2: Through the room with the Necromorph ambush, you’ll enter another hallway leading to the second elevator. Don’t take the elevator just yet, instead run all the way down the hallway to find a circuit. There’s also a text log nearby.

Chapter 4:

  • Circuit #1: When the cutscene ends, look around the opening room. There’s a circuit, but you can also find a weapon part, and a text log.
  • Circuit #2: Back down the elevator from the Officer’s room, follow the waypoint through the hallways toward the Repair Bay. Before entering the bay, you’ll have to cross through a smaller room with a doorway to your right. Check inside to grab a text log and a circuit.

Chapter 4 – Greely Optional Quest:

  • Circuit #1: After leaving the broadcasting room, you’ll return to the larger hub with the ladder you entered from. Heading toward the steps in the same room, instead look right. The bathroom should now be open, with a circuit inside.
  • Circuit #2: Back in the room with the ladder at the center of the ship, there’s a locked door requiring a special Tungsten Torque Bar to open. This is the same room as the bathroom. Collect Tungsten and craft the Torque Bar to open the small room. Inside, there’s the weapon part and a circuit.

Chapter 5:

  • Circuit #1: Arriving on the bridge, follow your waypoint guide around the elevator. If you follow the path, look left to find a circuit on the wall.
  • Circuit #2: In the train station, look against the right wall for another fuse before moving on.

Chapter 5 – Conning Tower Optional Quest:

  • Circuit #1: Deeper into the station, you’ll get trapped in a chamber by Necromorphs. Later, once the Necromorphs are defeated by environmental means, you’ll need to use a lift to reach the lower section of the armor. Before using the lift, check the opposite wall for a circuit.
  • Circuit #2: After leaving the armory, follow your waypoint pathway through the halls. They’ll eventually lead to another Tungsten Lock. Back track a room to find a bench to craft a Tungsten Torque Lock. Inside, you can get your hands on a circuit and a weapon part.
  • Circuit #3: On the third level, and after collecting the Access Key, use a lift to reach a locked door. Open it with the key, and crack open the chest inside for a reward. You’ll find a weapon part, and two circuits.
  • Circuit #4: The second circuit found inside the same chest mentioned previously.

Chapter 6:

  • Circuit #1: In the room behind the ship, reached after installing the relay, there’s a circuit box in the back corner. You’ll refuel the ship from this room.
  • Circuit #2: After the attempted refueling, run down the lower path and climb a ladder into a small room. After climbing down, look nearby for a circuit before continuing on.

Chapter 8:

  • Circuit #1: Following a short cutscene, you can find a circuit near a blaze amid the wreckage. It’s located in a small alcove, you’ll need to circle around the trash to find it in the snow.
  • Circuit #2: After taking a lift down leaving the Radio Tower, immediately turn right as you enter the broken pipe.

Chapter 9:

  • Circuit #1: Past the kitchen, you’ll enter another room with creepy enemies that’ll only respond to sound. Between the beds, there’s a circuit hidden.
  • Circuit #2: Riding a large lift down into an open area, you’ll find a building locked by a minigame. Explore inside the garage to find the circuit at the end of the path.

Chapter 9 – Supply Depot Optional Quest:

  • Circuit #1: In the Explosive Storage room, you can activate a lift that’ll bring down a cache of collectibles. After the Necromorph attack, the lift will bring down two circuits and a weapon part.
  • Circuit #2: This is the second circuit in the cache.
  • Circuit #3: Past the storage room and bench, you’ll use another elevator to reach a new room. As you exit the elevator, look left to find the last circuit.

Chapter 10:

  • Circuit #1: In the excavation site, you’ll eventually reach a circular platform with a bench. Just as you reach the platform, look against the wall nearby to find a circuit.

Chapter 11:

  • Circuit #1: Past the specimen, you’ll enter a room with a suit kiosk to your right and a circuit to the left.
  • Circuit #2: After plugging in the battery to the heat generators, look around the room. The circuit can be found in the left corner of the room.
  • Circuit #3: In the first room of the Delta Barracks, there’s a door requiring a Tungsten Torque Bar to open. Through the door, you’ll find a circuit and a weapon part.

Chapter 11 – Armory Optional Quest

  • Circuit #1: After passing your third bench, you’ll step onto a bridge in a large circular-shaped room. Look right for a panel you can remove with Kinesis, and grab the circuit behind.
  • Circuit #2: A circuit and an audio log are found in a small elevator lobby right after passing through the fourth circular chamber in this mission.

Chapter 13:

  • Circuit #1: At the start of the mission, you’ll find a small room with a bench and kiosk. In this room, you can find a circuit and a blueprint.

Chapter 14:

  • Circuit #1: Near the start of the mission, moving forward look left of the barracks entrance to find the first circuit.
  • Circuit #2: Return to the lower level Pump Room after collecting the key to find a text log and a circuit in the room.
  • Circuit #3: Crossing over to the Paleontology area with the Kinesis-puzzle door, just inside check the left wall to grab a circuit before taking the elevator.
  • Circuit #4: Past the entrance into the Reaper Barracks, you’ll find a bench down a messy hallway. There’s a small narrow path right of the bench where this circuit is hidden.
  • Circuit #5: Just as you enter the Geology area, look left for a circuit box.

Chapter 14 – Reaper Barracks Optional Quest

  • Circuit #1: Inside the pump room, at the second of the deadly pump tubes, wait at the entrance and look across. You should be able to spot a circuit box across.
  • Circuit #2: After collecting the cache of rewards, you’ll pass through the kitchen back to the start of the barracks. Before leaving, go through the doorway to the right in the kitchen instead of following the main locator path to grab this circuit.

Chapter 14 – Disposal Services Optional Quest

  • Circuit #1: Check around the room with the bridge puzzle to find this circuit close to the exit door hallway.
  • Circuit #2: On the main path, leaving the disposal area and crossing the extending bridge to a lift, you’ll find a locked door. Bring a Tungsten Torque Bar to open the door to find a circuit and a weapon part.

Chapter 16:

  • Circuit #1: After entering the Hydraulics area and passing the room with the kiosk and bench, you’ll need to turn left. Look around this small exit back into the massive cave chamber to find the circuit.

Chapter 17:

  • Circuit #1: Entering the huge chamber with the bright green light, navigate the catwalks down. Following the locator’s path, look right for a side passage. The circuit is just out of reach down the right passage, so use Kinesis to grab it.
  • Circuit #2: Later in the mission, you’ll enter a chamber with a generator that turns the environment to Zero-G when activated. Float up, and look down near the top for a circuit hidden on the rocks which can only be seen from above.
  • Circuit #3: In the large room with the glowing circle, stand on it and look up and left for some scaffolding. On the scaffolding, if you look closely, is another circuit. Snatch it up with Kinesis.
  • Circuit #4: There’s only one circuit left, and its hard to miss. In the large circular room, check one of the rocks near the centerpiece.

Chapter 17 – Artifact Storage Optional Quest

  • Circuit #1: The circuit is found four levels down from the top floor of the Zero-G environment area. Look for the small alcove jutting out from the main cylinder.
  • Circuit #2: Leaving the Zero-G environment through a door near the bottom, you’ll enter a room with a bench. The circuit is on the floor near the bench.
  • Circuit #3: Near the end of the mission, your locator will bring you to a chest full of items. Open it to collect all three circuits.
  • Circuit #4: The second of the circuits inside the reward chest.
  • Circuit #5: The third of the circuits inside the reward chest.
  • Circuit #6: Before leaving, there’s yet another circuit to find. Past the workshop door, you’ll face two lumbering Necromorphs. Run past them through the door, up the stairs, then down a ladder into a small area containing this final circuit.

Chapter 18:

  • Circuit #1: After riding the excavator’s lift up, you’ll arrive at a strange nexus of pathways. Check out the area left of the elevator to find a circuit on the ground.

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On February 24, 2013 at 5:08 am

Can you state what the stas are for the circuits at each of the loactions.

Aiming for 100%

On February 4, 2014 at 11:44 am

For chapter 3, the first circuit is NOT after the elevator. Instead it’s in the room with the bench and two power nodes. When you enter the room for the first time, immediately turn right. it’s on the wall next to the big door that you just came through.