Dead Space 3 Executive Producer Defends PC Port

Last week, we reported that the PC version of Dead Space 3 will be a straight console port, which is never good news to PC gamers. Executive producer Steve Papoutsis has since defended the decision, stating that the team wanted to ensure that all players receive the same experience.

Speaking with Shacknews, Papoutsis was asked about his decision to not make a PC optimized version of the game. He replied:

“It’s confusing to me that this question even comes up. It’s by no means any less important to us; it gets a lot of attention. The PC is a very different platform. As developers, you want to deliver an experience that’s as similar as possible on different platforms.

“In Dead Space 2, I felt we made some great strides in terms of controls, responsiveness and even the visual improvements we got into it. We continue to evolve our games as we develop them, but we certainly don’t target PC as something that’s going to be significantly different. We aren’t trying to create disparity in the experience that our gamers enjoy; we want to make sure everyone’s having that same experience.

“At our studio, we’ve always made console games. The biggest thing is we want to make sure the quality of the experience is consistent across all platforms so we don’t have one userbase saying it’s better on their system.”

Papoutsis pointed to the fact that making the game compatible with a keyboard and mouse control scheme is significant in and of itself:

“The fact that we’re allowing you to control the game with a mouse and keyboard immediately makes the game feel different. Working with the community, we found some people wanted to map the controls a little differently because of disabilities and we supported that [in Dead Space 2]. It’s a confusing question and I hope my answer brings a little bit of light to it. We seem a little bit discredited for the amount of effort that goes into it, quite honestly.

“We want it to be great on all systems, that’s our approach.”

Does that assuage your concerns, PC players?

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6 Comments on Dead Space 3 Executive Producer Defends PC Port


On January 29, 2013 at 12:58 pm

I’m a big cynic so I still see money as the main motivation, here. Delivering a “similar experience” means they aren’t putting in the resources to take full advantage of the PC hardware out there. I don’t really see that many console gamers complaining about how a PC version of a game might look much better than the console version, usually because they know that such situations are just devs trying to make the best use of the hardware available. Also, the bit about “allowing” people to use a keyboard and mouse seems a bit condescending. It would be like saying they “allow” the Xbox version and the PS3 version to use their respective controllers. It isn’t about allowing anything, it’s about using the standard methods of interfacing with a system. Sorry, but I don’t see keyboards and mapping buttons as being so incredibly different that it makes up for a game being a simple port.


On January 29, 2013 at 2:56 pm

Of course he’s going to defend it. Still doesn’t make it any less a load. Why don’t they make it a pc port to consoles then. Because consoles make them more money, the pc is always going to be second rate to them. Oboy. We can use keyboard mouse. What a f’n privalige. Gee, they’ve even raise the resolution. Funny, but that doesn’t usually mean optimized it for pc. Some ports aren’t too bad, while others suck. Wont get it.


On January 29, 2013 at 4:41 pm

So they expect a pat on the back for making their PC games work with a keyboard and mouse, I guess I should expect congratulations for remembering to wipe after using the toilet, or for not stabbing myself in the face with cutlery when eating if that’s the level at which something becomes noteworthy.

Really they do something that is the most basic requirement of a PC game and act as if it’s some kind of accomplishment, like they’ve gone beyond the call of duty by making their game work with the controls common to the platform.

I was just about to type out asking if this guy has some kind of mental deficiency until I remembered this from one of his quotes “It’s a confusing question”, so I won’t bother asking.


On January 29, 2013 at 5:15 pm

I agree with R.J. All they are doing is saving money by porting the game.If all the devs just ported their games,then we wouldn’t need P.C’S. Oh and thank you for “ALLOWING” us to use the keyboard and mouse,you pompous,egotistical ass.


On January 29, 2013 at 5:30 pm

I agree with R.J. It’s all about saving money by porting the game.If all the devs just ported their games,we wouldn’t need P.C’S.Oh and thanks for “ALLOWING” us to use mouse and keyboard,you pompous.arrogant ass.I thought your business was about the customer….not your ego.


On January 29, 2013 at 9:29 pm

Thats some interesting reasoning there. You know, if just said it’s to save time and money or that there isn’t enough of a demand for the PC version to warrant the extra expense, I would have applauded his honesty.

However instead he feeds us this drivel about wanting to make sure that every version is exactly the same experience.

Visceral, we understand that game development is a long and expensive process, and we understand that every cool little extra represents hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars. You can just say that you can’t afford to, no one expects you to do it for the art. You do work for EA after all.

Also, allowing us to use a keyboard and mouse in a port is an impressive achievement, provided you’re porting the game back in the late 90s and it’s original publisher doesn’t really care about the PC version at all and your entire budget is the change he pulled out of his sofa.