Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Beginnings
  • Chapter 1: Rude Awakening
  • Chapter 2: On Your Own
  • Chapter 3: The Lost Flotilla
  • Chapter 4: History’s Ember
  • Chapter 5: Expect Delays
  • Chapter 6: Repair to Ride
  • Chapter 7: Mayhem
  • Chapter 8: Off the Grid
  • Chapter 9: Onward
  • Chapter 10: Now We Know
  • Chapter 11: Signal Hunting
  • Chapter 12: Autopsy
  • Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky
  • Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place
  • Chapter 15: Change of Fortune
  • Chapter 16: What Lies Below
  • Chapter 17: A Strange City
  • Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed
  • Chapter 19: Endings
  • Chapter 9: Onward

    1. Move through the doorway to the left of the room’s entrance and navigate the rooms ahead to use the workbench in the one at the end , then activate the generator beside you to restore power to the area.
    2. Use kinesis to pick up the three gears hanging on the wall beside you and launch them through the opening above the generator, then return to the room where Buckell is located and approach the machine he’s leaning against.
    3. Insert the correct gear onto the peg between the two cogs and move through the elevator door that unlocks beside you, then ride to the next floor below and exit the car to proceed forward.
    4. Move through the next unlocked door to open fire on the enemy on the other side and search the adjacent rooms for supplies, then head left into the icy corridor and follow it forward to reach the exit in the corner.
    5. Approach the lockers in the back left corner of the room use stasis to help you clear out the next group of enemies that descend from the ceiling, then continue collecting supplies and move through the door to the right of the lockers.
    6. Play the audio log around the corner and pass through the unlocked door ahead to eliminate the markers on the other side by firing while backing up, then approach the back left corner of the area to enter the Pump Room and navigate the next series of corridor to continue collecting supplies.
    7. Open the next door at the end of the series of corridors and move left on the other side to descend the ladder ahead on the right, then turn around at the bottom to approach the circuitry beside you and rotate the dials in this order: Middle – Bottom -Top.
    8. Use the blue monitor on the right to activate the pump station and wait for the wall of spikes beside you to recede, then follow after it to encounter the next marker and quickly retreat backwards to avoid taking damage.
    9. Sprint after the moving wall of spikes to pass through the next open doorway on the right and turn left on the other side to recharge your stasis unit, then return to the previous entry and wait for the spikes to recede again.
    10. Hit the spikes with your stasis unit to slow the wall down and turn left in front of it to move through the next doorway, then head left again to approach the next ring of circuitry in the corner and rotate them until they are all connected by white sparks.
    11. Approach the monitor that turns blue beside you to activate Pump Station 2 and recharge your stasis unit at the nearby console, then turn around to eliminate the group of markers approaching from the broken windows and move towards the next wall of spikes that has appeared.
    12. Hit the moving wall with your stasis unit as it slides over to the left and sprint to the right away from the spikes to pass through the opening in the corner at the end, then climb the next ladder to collect supplies at the top and turn around to enter the control room at the opposite side of this area.
    13. Move through the next unlocked door to use the kiosks on the other side and put on the Arctic Survival Suit, then move left to stand in front of the scanner and use kinesis to open the exit.
    14. Play the next audi log on the left and move through the unlocked elevator doors ahead to ride to the next floor above, then exit the car to turn left and use the Waystation Exit to return to the blizzard outside.
    15. Eliminate the enemies that emerge around the next flat ahead and follow your locator over to the barbed wire fence on the right, then open the door at the top of the steps beside you to enter the room on the other side and turn right to stand in front of another scanner.
    16. Move through the door that unlocks beside you and head left through the blizzard to follow the locator along the mountain trail, then approach the enclosure at the end to eliminate the enemy inside and enter the cave behind the ladder in the next corner.
    17. Eliminate the enemies inside the cave by amputating their legs first and collect supplies from the surrounding crates, then climb the nearby ladder to proceed forward down the trail at the top and step onto the platform at the end.
    18. Turn left to exit the enclosure and continue moving along the mountain trail beside you to activate an action sequence, then press the indicated button to climb up the snow vehicle and eventually crawl inside the cab.
    19. Continue pressing the indicated buttons to climb upward across the seats of the snow vehicle and exit through the driver-side door above, then move forward along the path ahead to enter the dark cave at the end and turn left inside of it to follow your locator through the tunnel system.
    20. Take out the markers that emerge throughout the tunnel by hitting these enemies with stasis and amputating them at the knees, then continue following your locator to exit the cave and approach the tall guard wall outside of it to activate the next cut scene.
    21. Open the next indicated door ahead to enter the area inside the outer wall and use kinesis to activate the nearby generator, then visit the workbench to upgrade or create a new weapon and exit the room.
    22. Ride the elevator platform on your right to activate a short action sequence, then aim above the enormous spider creature in front of you to amputate the orange-glowing tentacles and back away from the enemy continuously to avoid taking damage.
    23. Sprint sideways at the last second to dodge the creature’s charging attacks and continue removing the orange-glowing tentacles that spring repeatedly from its back.
    24. Hit the enormous spider creature with your stasis unit to slow it down temporarily and use this time to either escape from an impending attack, search the surrounding area for additional ammo or continue inflicting damage upon the monster.
    25. After eliminating an entire cluster of tentacles from the creature’s back, move in close as the enemy opens its orange-glowing mouth and fire inside as quickly as possible to inflict critical damage.
    26. Continue using stasis to help you remove the monster’s tentacles and fire inside its mouth until a cut scene activate in which the creature finally retreats, then ascend the fallen walkway ahead to climb the next ladder above and turn left at the top.
    27. Navigate the walkway to open the door at the end and enter the building on the other side, then move through the series of rooms ahead to climb the next ladder and collect the Pulse Rifle from the room above.
    28. Move back down the previous ladder to proceed through the doorway beside you and use the Cargo lift to ride to next floor below, then exit the platform to cross the snowy clearing ahead and approach the entrance to FAC-1 Headquarters in the left corner.
    29. Move through the next two doors to enter FAC-A Headquarters and activate a cut scene to complete this chapter.

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