Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Beginnings
  • Chapter 1: Rude Awakening
  • Chapter 2: On Your Own
  • Chapter 3: The Lost Flotilla
  • Chapter 4: History’s Ember
  • Chapter 5: Expect Delays
  • Chapter 6: Repair to Ride
  • Chapter 7: Mayhem
  • Chapter 8: Off the Grid
  • Chapter 9: Onward
  • Chapter 10: Now We Know
  • Chapter 11: Signal Hunting
  • Chapter 12: Autopsy
  • Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky
  • Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place
  • Chapter 15: Change of Fortune
  • Chapter 16: What Lies Below
  • Chapter 17: A Strange City
  • Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed
  • Chapter 19: Endings
  • Chapter 10: Now We Know

    1. Use the nearby workbench to upgrade or create weaponry, then exit through the door directly beside you to turn right to reach the Exterior Access entry point.
    2. Move through the next door to return to the outside and rejoin your team on the bridge ahead to activate a short action sequence, then take cover behind the obstacles on the left and eliminate the enemy squadron that descends in front of you.
    3. When battling both soldiers and markers at the same time, combine your gunfire with that of the human hostiles to eliminate the creatures first and take out the remaining enemies after that.
    4. Alternate between the surrounding cover points as often as possible to avoid taking damage and to collect additional ammo, then proceed forward to move through the next indicated doorway and enter the building ahead.
    5. Search the room for supplies and exit through the door ahead on the right to return to the outside, then step onto the next lift beside you and ride it to the level below.
    6. Exit the platform to eliminate any approaching hostiles and cross the bridge ahead to take cover on the other side, then open fire on the wave of creatures in front of you to proceed forward and move through the next unlocked door to enter the Supply Depot.
    7. Collect supplies from the surrounding area and use the nearby devices to upgrade your rig or weaponry, then exit the room through the next indicated door and take cover behind the obstacles on the left.
    8. Eliminate the next wave of hostiles to proceed forward between the cover points and follow your locator into the cave tunnel ahead, then fight past the enemies blocking the path and continue through the mining areas to open the door at the end.
    9. Enter the next site to cross the first room and descend the ladder on the other side, then open the door at the bottom to return to the outside and taken cover behind the crates on your left.
    10. Move out from behind the crates to pick off the group of enemies ahead by locating them from their orange laser sights and scoring headshots or throwing grenades.
    11. Finish clearing the area to follow your locator through the indicated door and enter the supply depot to activate a cut scene on the other side, then eliminate the enemies that rise in front of you and proceed forward to exit the area.
    12. Follow the mountain path towards the right to eliminate the next group of enemies that emerge from ahead, then fight your way around the corner to approach the Electrical Engineering Interface beside the locked door and overlap the series of circular symbols to activate it.
    13. Turn around from the monitor repeatedly to fight off any hostiles that approach from you behind and finish activating the interface to unlock the door on the right, then enter the drill site and head right to search the next table for supplies.
    14. Rotate the blue dial of the generator in the corner to restore power to the Coring Platform and visit the nearby workbench to upgrade or create a new item, then approach the enormous drill that has jammed and use kinesis on the next pair of dials to reactivate it.
    15. Use stasis to keep the approaching wave of enemies at bay, then fire it at the drill to temporarily freeze the machine’s rotation and shoot between the blades to hit the yellow-glowing core.
    16. Move in a circle along the outer walls of the area to stay ahead of danger and recharge your stasis unit as often as possible, then continue freezing the machine to attack its core and mow down the oncoming hostiles to survive the onslaught.
    17. Continue attacking the frozen drill’s core to eventually activate a cut scene in which you destroy it, then exit the platform through the opening in the surrounding wall and open the door on the other side.
    18. Enter the next cave room in front of you to step onto the lift and ride it to the floor above, then exit the platform to collect supplies from the surrounding crates and move through the next door in the far corner to complete this chapter.

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