Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Beginnings
  • Chapter 1: Rude Awakening
  • Chapter 2: On Your Own
  • Chapter 3: The Lost Flotilla
  • Chapter 4: History’s Ember
  • Chapter 5: Expect Delays
  • Chapter 6: Repair to Ride
  • Chapter 7: Mayhem
  • Chapter 8: Off the Grid
  • Chapter 9: Onward
  • Chapter 10: Now We Know
  • Chapter 11: Signal Hunting
  • Chapter 12: Autopsy
  • Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky
  • Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place
  • Chapter 15: Change of Fortune
  • Chapter 16: What Lies Below
  • Chapter 17: A Strange City
  • Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed
  • Chapter 19: Endings
  • Chapter 11: Signal Hunting

    1. Visit the work bench on the right to upgrade or craft a new item, then cross to the opposite side of the area and follow the walkway around to move through the door marked “Furnace Room” at the end.
    2. Pass through the next door ahead to search the room for supplies and use the kiosk in the corner to change your rig or suit, then step onto the nearby lift to ride it to the surface above and exit the platform to approach the switch directly on the right.
    3. Pull the switch to uncover the energy cube inside and pick it up with kinesis, then turn around to make your way down the path ahead and eliminate the next approaching wave of enemies by first amputating their legs.
    4. Proceed forward with the energy cube to launch it through the partially open doorway ahead and turn around to climb the next ladder on your right, then follow the catwalk at the top around and eliminate another wave of markers.
    5. Descend the ladder at the opposite end of the catwalk to enter the room below and insert the power cub into the generator to restore power, then approach the glowing console that lights up beside you to activate the furnace.
    6. Eliminate the enemy that descends around the next corner and search the area for supplies, then exit the room through the door behind you to return to the outside and head back to the previous building across the bridge.
    7. Mow down the next group of enemies blocking your path to step back onto the lift and ride it to the floor below, then exit the platform to move through the next two doors on the left and proceed forward across the catwalk.
    8. Approach the furnace’s console on your left to activate the heat exchanges and use kinesis to turn the four large valve wheels that surround you until the monitor reads 100%.
    9. Use the console to activate the furnace and continue moving to the left along the catwalk, then enter the elevator beside the previous workbench to ride it to the floor above and exit the car to rejoin your team.
    10. Pick up the blueprint from the woman behind the desk and head right to follow the catwalk around to the opposite side of the area, then ride the previous elevator back to the floor below and exit the car to move through the next food on your left.
    11. Return to the outside and head left to step onto the indicated lift, then ride it to the next level below and exit the platform to move through the nearby door at the bottom.
    12. Watch the group of enemies fall over dead in front of you and move to the left of them to visit the next workbench, then ascend the incline on your right to pass through the door at the top and proceed forward onto the rusted catwalk in the corner.
    13. Move through the next door around the corner to proceed forward down the darkened corridor and make the left turn ahead to enter the elevator, then ride it to the floor above and exit the car to return to the outside.
    14. Follow your locator to the right of the partially eaten corpse ahead and move slowly to anticipate any oncoming enemy attacks, then continue forward to descend the inclined path on the left and fight through another wave of markers below.
    15. Cross the ice-bridge in the path ahead to move through the door on the other side and enter the next darkened room to search it for supplies, then make a left in front of the large monitor screen and exit through another door in the corner to reach the Staging Yard.
    16. Eliminate the enemies that appear in front of you to proceed forward across the staging yard and use the surrounding crates as cover to avoid taking damage, then visit the Electrical Engineering Interface monitor in the area and overlap the series of circular symbols in tandem to unlock the next door.
    17. Move through the next two doors in the room beside you to reach the warehouse and make your way to the right around the catwalk, then descend the ladder at the end to reach the ground below and turn left at the bottom.
    18. Collect supplies from the table in the corner to find the first of three Probe parts and turn around to cross to the opposite end of the broken metal bridge, then smash the nearby crate to collect the second probe part and look up towards the generator directly above you.
    19. Use kinesis to activate the generator above and approach the elevator that ascends on your left, then collect the final probe part laying on the floor of the car and climb back up the previous ladder to turn left at the top.
    20. Follow the catwalk back around to move through the next two doors on your left and encounter the enormous spider monster again, then walk backwards and sideways to put a crate or two between you and the creature.
    21. Maintain a safe distance from the monster by staying behind the surrounding crates and open fire on the glowing-orange tentacles atop the creature’s back, then roll sideways or backwards to avoid any charging attacks and continue amputating the marker’s flailing appendages.
    22. Use stasis to freeze the creature, so that you can either escape to a safer location or inflict damage on the monster with more accuracy.
    23. Finish removing a single cluster of tentacles from the monster’s back and wait for the creature to open its mouth, then freeze the enemy with your stasis unit and fire continuous rounds through the gaping jaws.
    24. Repeat the steps listed above to repeatedly amputate the spider monster’s tentacles and fire rounds into its open mouth until the creature finally retreats, then follow your locator through the next indicated door to enter the Delta Barracks.
    25. Follow your locator through the next darkened area to exit back into the outside and move left along the mountain path, then eliminate any hostiles that approach by picking them off with stasis blasts and headshots from a distance.
    26. Continue following your locator through the blizzard to enter the next indicated elevator and ride it to the floor below, then exit the car and travel back to the area marked Excavation Drill Site.
    27. Move down the incline on your right and visit the workbench at the bottom to construct a Probe Gun, then eliminate the enemies that occupy the coring platform and follow the locator through the next indicated door.
    28. Ride the cargo lift in front of you to the level above and exit the platform to clear out the wave of markers at the top, then head left to continue following the locator and rejoin your team on the second floor of the next building to complete this chapter.

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