Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Beginnings
  • Chapter 1: Rude Awakening
  • Chapter 2: On Your Own
  • Chapter 3: The Lost Flotilla
  • Chapter 4: History’s Ember
  • Chapter 5: Expect Delays
  • Chapter 6: Repair to Ride
  • Chapter 7: Mayhem
  • Chapter 8: Off the Grid
  • Chapter 9: Onward
  • Chapter 10: Now We Know
  • Chapter 11: Signal Hunting
  • Chapter 12: Autopsy
  • Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky
  • Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place
  • Chapter 15: Change of Fortune
  • Chapter 16: What Lies Below
  • Chapter 17: A Strange City
  • Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed
  • Chapter 19: Endings
  • Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky

    1. Follow the locator down the path that cuts through the mountain to rejoin your team and activate the next cut scene, then approach the indicated monitor nearby to activate the grappling hook and ascend to the cliff face above.
    2. Walk forward up the vertical surface of the mountain and jump from side-to-side to dodge the rubble falling from above or the collapsing sections of rock beneath your feet, then continue scaling the cliff face to reach the top and turn right.
    3. Activate one of the nearby grappling hooks to repel up the cliff face above and proceed forward, then continue to dodge the falling rocks and climb onto the ledge at the top.
    4. Head left through the cave to make your way around the path on the other side and use kinesis on the device at the end to extend the ladder, then climb up onto the ledge in front of you to enter the cavern ahead and follow the locator to eliminate the next wave of markers by chopping off their legs first.
    5. Search the tunnel system for supplies and continue following the locator to exit out the opposite end, then turn left to find the cargo cage and use kinesis to rotate the gear above over to the right until the elevator car descends through the opening in the floor.
    6. Continue following your locator along the mountain path to reach the corner ahead and back up to shoot the markers crawling across the walls, then enter the next cave tunnel on the left activate one of the grappling hooks ahead to repel onto the cliff face above.
    7. Open fire on the enemies above and move from side-to-side to avoid the falling rocks, then jump over back and forth over the crevice beside you to avoid the gaps in the cliff face.
    8. Continue scaling the cliff face to climb up onto the ledge at the top and head left into the next cavern, then follow the locator through the cave to fight past any approaching enemies and exit out the other end of the tunnel.
    9. Move left around the mountain trail to fire the next available grappling hook and repel onto the cliff face above, then jump back and forth across the vertical side of the mountain to avoid the falling rubble or gaps in the floor.
    10. Use stasis to freeze the cargo cage swinging above you and navigate around it to continue scaling the face of the mountain, then climb up onto the ledge at the top and proceed forward to eliminate the next group of approaching markers.
    11. Follow your locator around the mountain path to reach the device at the end and use kinesis to extend the next ladder, then climb up onto the ledge in front of you to find the winch’s generator and activate it to start reeling in the nearby cable.
    12. After the winch breaks down, approach the indicated fuse box to open the door panel and follow the on-screen instructions to balance both sides of the system.
    13. Shift the 1st, 5th and 6th breakers over to the “Lights” side, then shift the 2nd, 3rd and 4th breakers over to the “Winch” side.
    14. Return to the winch’s blue-lit wheel and turn it to continue reeling in the cable until the lift ascends beside you to activate a cut scene, then move down the mountain path ahead and follow your locator to encounter the enormous spider monster again.
    15. Back up to fend off the approaching wave of enemies and use an automatic weapon to amputate the flailing tentacles atop the spider creature, then roll sideways to dodge the monster’s pincer strikes and proceed forward between the pair of mounted harpoon guns.
    16. Use kinesis to activate both harpoon guns and stand between them to lure the spider monster into the tracking laser, then roll away quickly to turn around and watch the creature become ensnared by the spears that are launched into its body.
    17. Approach the torque control box to the left of the enormous creature and activate it with kinesis to start reeling in the harpoon cable, then continue rotating the dial to eventually rip off one of the monster’s legs and watch it fall over dead.
    18. Follow your locator over to the next to the next grappling hook station and activate it to repel up onto the cliff face above, then scale the vertical wall to reach the ledge at the top and activate the next cut scene and complete this chapter.

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