Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Prologue: Beginnings
  • Chapter 1: Rude Awakening
  • Chapter 2: On Your Own
  • Chapter 3: The Lost Flotilla
  • Chapter 4: History’s Ember
  • Chapter 5: Expect Delays
  • Chapter 6: Repair to Ride
  • Chapter 7: Mayhem
  • Chapter 8: Off the Grid
  • Chapter 9: Onward
  • Chapter 10: Now We Know
  • Chapter 11: Signal Hunting
  • Chapter 12: Autopsy
  • Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky
  • Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place
  • Chapter 15: Change of Fortune
  • Chapter 16: What Lies Below
  • Chapter 17: A Strange City
  • Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed
  • Chapter 19: Endings
  • Chapter 4: History’s Ember

    CMS Greely – Optional Mission

    1. Collect supplies from the surrounding area and visit the nearby work bench to modify or a create a new weapon, then exit the room through the unlocked elevator door and ride it to the next floor.
    2. Exit the elevator car to target the tentacle in the distance with one of your weapons, then open fire on the bulbous midsection of this appendage until you cut it in half.
    3. Use kinesis to lower the generator coil in front of you and rotate the blue dial above it cause an electrical reaction, then sprint to the right across the catwalk and hide inside the next available doorway.
    4. Aim your weapon from inside the alcove to target and destroy the newest tentacle that has appeared, then approach the next generator to the right and use kinesis to activate it.
    5. Eliminate any of the markers that approach you and continue moving forward to encounter a pair of tentacles this time, then back up across the walkway to open fire from a distance and destroy both of these monstrous appendages.
    6. Activate the next generator ahead to open the unlocked door on the right and descend the ladder on the other side, then exit the room at the bottom to return to the ventilation tunnel and recharge your stasis device at the nearby terminal.
    7. Launch yourself up into the air towards the ventilation fan in the distance and hit the machine with a blast of stasis to slow it down, then boost between the blades before they start spinning again and continue moving forward.
    8. Use stasis to boos through another giant fan and land on the platform at the opposite end of the ventilation tunnel, then enter the next room ahead to climb the ladder inside and open the door at the top.
    9. Enter the next corridor to eliminate the markers that appear and follow your locator to reach the Electrical Engineering Interface, then shift both analog sticks in tandem motions to overlap the two pairs of circular icons and repeat this action five more times to unlock the door beside you.
    10. Ride the elevator to the next floor and exit the car, then turn the corner on your left to reach the admiral’s quarters and activate a cut scene.
    11. Afterwards, search the room for supplies before exiting and ride the previous elevator to the next floor.
    12. Use your locator to return to the briefing room and exit through the opposite corner to encounter a Markers in the next corridor, then back up to eliminate the creature and head left to open the door at the end of the hall.
    13. Move through the door on your right to collect supplies and acquire the Shotgun, then exit the room to open the next door beside you and proceed forward.
    14. Open the cargo doors to regroup with Ellie and visit the nearby workbench to upgrade or create a new weapon, then exit the area through the next door that unlocks in the corner and turn right.
    15. Approach the device on the right to upgrade RIG and change suits, then move through the next door beside you to have a conversation with Norton and follow your locator to reach the outside of the ship.
    16. As you boost forward through outer space, use kinesis on the floating 02 tanks to refill your air supply and repeat this whenever possible to ensure survival.
    17. Boost towards the blue locator icon in the distance to land on the and replenish your oxygen, then enter the skip beside you to activate a short cut scene.
    18. Choose the C.M.S. Terra Nova as your destination to activate a short space travel sequence and exit the skip, then open the next two doors on the left to reach the room at the end and complete this chapter.

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