Dead Space 3: Weapon Part & Blue Print Locations Guide

The new crafting system in Dead Space 3 opens up all new weapon possibilities, but you’ll need to find valuable weapon parts first. Once you’ve got your hands on these parts, you can begin construction on all new tools of destruction to use against the Necromorph scourge. Check out the locations, and don’t miss any parts on your playthrough.

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Survive Tau Volantis with Game Front’s Dead Space 3 game guide, showing you how to complete every stage of the singleplayer campaign. For secrets like easter eggs, achievement guides, and exploits — browse over to our list of Dead Space 3 cheats.

Weapon Part Locations Guide


Chapter 3:

  • Heavy Standing Frame: The first weapon part is found just left of the start of the mission on the Roanoke. You can’t miss it.
  • Tesla Core: Yet another weapon part is in your path. Through the door where the first part lay, turn left to find another door leading to the elevator. The weapon part is on the ground, and it’s hard to miss.

Chapter 4:

  • Plasma Core: When the cutscene ends, look around the opening room. There’s a weapon part, but you can also find a text log, and a circuit.

Chapter 4 – Greely Optional Quest:

  • Compact Standard Frame: At the beginning, in the room with the inactive Suit Kiosk, look around before descending the ladder to find a weapon part.
  • Electric Charge: After shutting down the electricity with Telekinesis, look in the back end of the room to find this weapon part. There’s also an audio log.
  • Telemetry Spike: Back in the room with the ladder at the center of the ship, there’s a locked door requiring a special Tungsten Torque Bar to open. This is the same room as the bathroom. Collect Tungsten and craft the Torque Bar to open the small room. Inside, there’s the weapon part and a circuit.
  • Compact Standard Frame: Outside the Greely, look for a damaged section you can access in zero-g. Below a large eagle, there’s a door you can open with Telekinesis. Inside, you can find another weapon part, hidden inside a crate.

Chapter 5:

  • Heavy Standard Frame: Entering the airlock, look on the right to find a weapon part before continuing into the ship.
  • Hydraulic Engine: Taking the ladder down after leaving the bridge, complete the tutorial before turning around and checking around the corner.
  • Compact Directed Ejection Field: In a viewing chamber with opening windows, head to the front and turn around to find steps leading down to a small area with lockers. Against one of the walls, you can grab this weapon part with a text log on the opposite wall.

Chapter 5 – Conning Tower Optional Quest:

  • Conic Dispersal: Arriving on a tram, there’s a room left of the main exit with a bench. You’ll need to solve a puzzle to get inside. In the back corner, there’s a weapon part and an audio log.
  • Rotator Cuff Module: After leaving the armory, follow your waypoint pathway through the halls. They’ll eventually lead to another Tungsten Lock. Back track a room to find a bench to craft a Tungsten Torque Lock. Inside, you can get your hands on a circuit and a weapon part.
  • Medical Support: On the third level, and after collecting the Access Key, use a lift to reach a locked door. Open it with the key, and crack open the chest inside for a reward. You’ll find a weapon part, and two circuits.

Chapter 6:

  • Stasis Support: Entering the top level catwalks above a ship below, run past the door and look across to the other catwalk across. There should be a protruding section with a pile of items out of reach. But, you can still grab the items with Kinesis. Collect the items, including a weapon part.

Chapter 8:

  • Survey Charge: The first weapon part is right in your main path, only a few meters away from the starting point. It’s in the very first valley, before stumbling through the narrow path.
  • Bolas Gun: This blue print is located next to the bench, inside the Aloha Station Radio Tower.
  • Compressor: Back in the broken pipe, instead of moving forward, turn around and run backward underneath the pipe in the opposite direction of your waypoint. The canyon will lead back to a shack containing another weapon part.
  • Stasis Coating: Past the dark shack, you’ll reach a large open area with a structure in the center. Circle around the left side, but don’t go inside, just move around and look for a narrow path through the rock walls surrounding the valley. There’s a hard-to-spot path leading to some items and a weapon part.

Chapter 9:

  • Canister Recovery Model: At the start of the mission, you’ll need to enter a small room with a bench to reactivate a generator. Near the generator is the weapon part.
  • Compact Standard Frame: Down the elevator, you’ll explore a kitchen. Entering a back area with ovens, the waypoint will point you left, but instead look right to find the weapon part on the counter.
  • Explosion Amplifier: In the large pump room, you’ll need to solve a puzzle. Climb down to face the large circular machine at the center of the room after getting by the first spiked pump tube. Look up and use Kinesis on the right-center of the machine above to snatch this weapon part.
  • Medic Support Handgun: In the same room as the supply depot key, after getting through the pump room, the blue print is right of the exit door.
  • Tesla Core: On your way to the exterior of the station, the waypoint guide will lead you into a small security building with the part on the left wall.
  • Heavy Standard Weapon: Taking out the massive Necromorph, you’ll move into an interior building. In the second room, the part is just past the ladder against the left wall.
  • Pulse Rifle: Near the previous weapon part is a ladder leading into a small room with this blue print, a text log, and an artifact.

Chapter 9 – Supply Depot Optional Quest:

  • Repeater: In the room with the catwalks and battery, insert the battery into the nearest slot to open a storage room in the lower section, containing a weapon part.
  • Heavy Metal Thunder: Past the extending bridge, needing Kinesis to cross, you’ll find a locked door requiring a Tungsten Torque Bar to open. The blueprint is through the door.
  • Scope: In the Explosive Storage room, you can activate a lift that’ll bring down a cache of collectibles. After the Necromorph attack, the lift will bring down two circuits and a weapon part.
  • Electrocution Module: On the way out of the depot, use the elevator next to the kiosk. Once you reach the inactive tram station, look near the bench on top of the dispenser.

Chapter 10:

  • Pneumatic Torch: Found at the very beginning of the mission, there’s a Tungsten locked door, requiring a Tungsten Torque Bar to get inside.
  • Directed Suspension Field: Past two soldier ambushes, you’ll reach a small shack with a bench and a suit kiosk. In the same room, there’s a weapon part and a text log.
  • Hammond’s Heavy Frame: Entering the excavation area, fight past the Necromorphs and get down the first ladder. To find this weapon part, look behind the ladder.
  • Telemetry Spike: Going down to the lower level of the drilling platform, look near the bench for this part before starting up the generator.

Chapter 11:

  • Repeater: In the first room of the Delta Barracks, there’s a door requiring a Tungsten Torque Bar to open. Through the door, you’ll find a circuit and a weapon part.

Chapter 11 – Armory Optional Quest

  • Stasis Amplifier: Past the third bench, and after crossing a large circular-shaped room, look in the left corner.
  • Contact Beam: After grabbing the previous part, you’ll take an elevator down to the armory junction. Inside are more hanging bodies, and two more open doors to search. Before leaving, check out the left side of the room to find this blueprint.
  • Plasma Core: In the control room full of troopers, you can find the part by riding down the cargo lift and checking out the corner of the crate.
  • Acid Bath: Leaving the area, you’ll return to the tram station for a cache reward.
  • Stasis Support: This second weapon part is in the same cache as the previous item.

Chapter 13:

  • HUN-E1 Badger: At the start of the mission, you’ll find a small room with a bench and kiosk. In this room, you can find a circuit and a blue print.
  • Compact Standard Frame: After climbing past the cliffs, you’ll enter an ice cave with some tents. Inside the cave, look to the left for this weapon part.
  • Weller’s Compact Frame: Fight past the Necromorphs and check out the dead end right of the main path in the cave. Smash the crates in your path to find the next part.
  • Ammo Support: Continue past the lift and into the next cavern. Once you finally reach a larger chamber, look to the right wall.
  • Rip Core: Later in the mission, you’ll reach an area with a broken elevator and a bench to the right of it. Right of the bench, this weapon part is waiting.

Chapter 14:

  • Seeker Rifle: The blueprint can be found behind a vehicle after returning to the exterior, coming up right after a scene with the ship.
  • Heavy Standard Frame: Returning to the hall outside the pump room, the weapon part is found before stumbling upon the bench and kiosk.
  • Explosive Module: Before using the elevator in the Paleontology area, find the locked door requiring a Tungsten Torque Bar. Crack open the door to find the weapon inside.
  • Full Zoom Scope: On the way to the Geology area, you’ll reach a crossroads, with the main path leading left. Check out the right path instead to find this hidden part.
  • Hot Death: On the main path through the Geology Sector, you’ll come across a locked door requiring the use of a Tungsten Torque Bar to open. Inside the locked room, you’ll find this blueprint and a weapon part.
  • Earth Gov Frame: Inside the same locked room as the blueprint previous.

Chapter 14 – Reaper Barracks Optional Quest

  • Damage Support: After passing by the first spiked pump using Stasis, you can find the next part on a desk before trying to squeeze by the second deadly pump.
  • Show Stopper: Near the end of the mission, you’ll pass through a hallway of traps to find a kind of briefing room with a chest full of loot. Inside the chest, you’ll find this blue print.
  • Heavy Elite Frame: Inside the same chest as the blueprint above.
  • Rail Accelerator: The second of the parts inside the same chest as the blueprint above.

Chapter 14 – Disposal Services Optional Quest

  • Full Zoom Scope: On the main path, leaving the disposal area and crossing the extending bridge to a lift, you’ll find a locked door. Bring a Tungsten Torque Bar to open the door to find a circuit and a weapon part.
  • Precision Tip: At the end of the mission, inside the storage room, you’ll be able to lower a lift in the center of the room for a prize. Lower the lift and open the chest to find this weapon part.
  • Ammo Sweeper: The second of the weapon parts inside the chest mentioned above.
  • Compressor: This is the third of the weapons parts.
  • Conic Dispersal: Yet another weapon part found inside the chest at the end of the quest.

Chapter 15:

  • Rip Core: Leaving the pump room, and the curved hall with the kiosk and bench through a a snow cave, you’ll find a catwalk leading right. Before stepping onto the catwalk, check on the boxes on the right side.
  • Flame Glaze: Continuing deeper into the caves, you’ll continue into a security checkpoint with a bloody message on the wall. Check the desk with monitors above.

Chapter 16:

  • S.C.A.F. Frame: Just near the start of the chapter, continue down the steps to reach the first door after riding an elevator.
  • Rail Accelerator: Climbing down a cliff face, look on the right side for a piece of corrugated metal debris forming a platform. Use Kinesis to grab the weapon part on your way down.
  • Safety Guard: Entering the Hydraulics room, look left on the shelves to collect this part.
  • Javelin Gun: Continue deeper into the mission. After the third ice climbing segment, you’ll reach a section of cave with several shelves. Look around to collect this blueprint.
  • Heavy Standard Frame: This part is just left of the blueprint in the same area.

Chapter 17:

  • Compact Standard Frame: This part is found on a desk past, and right, of the bench and kiosk, found in the room with the large glowing circle.

Chapter 17 – Artifact Storage Optional Quest

  • Stasis Coating: Grab this part on the bridge three levels down from the top floor of the Zero-G environment area. Look for the small alcove jutting out from the main cylinder.

Chapter 18:

  • Acid Bath: At the start of this mission, look right of the locator path for a cache of weapon parts sitting on a pile of boxes.
  • Electrocution Module: Another weapon part is located right next to the Acid Path part.

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