Deadlight Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Welcome to Seattle

  1. The opening cutscene is both artsy and brutal. Enjoy it on your way into this game.
  2. Head ac ross the room to the right and press A to jump to the next area.
  3. Break down the door when prompted and continue moving to the right. Right underneath the gap of the bridge above you, observe the wooden planks on the ground.
  4. Climb up the wall and go to the left. Pick up the lost page of your diary and jump across the gap.
  5. Drop the heavy object down to the floor below you and watch the enemies walk into the trap.
  6. Head all the way across the room to the left and open the door to reach the outside.
  7. Climb the ladder across from you and jump to the wall of the buildings to the left to scale it. You will have to make a couple more jumps before you reach the top.
  8. Observe the tutorial for sprinting and performing a long distance job. Begin sprinting and press A.
  9. Climb down the next ladder and press Y to taunt enemies. If you do it this time, they will walk into the electrical wiring. Not the smartest of zombies, are they?
  10. Run into a shut door to tackle it and break it down.
  11. Climb all the way down the ladder and head to the right until you find the torn page.
  12. Wait for the water to recede before crossing it. If the water is too deep, your character will die.
  13. Use the first aid kid when you come up on it and go outside the door to Interstate 5.
  14. Go all the way to the right and oexamine the electrically charged area for a “secret”.
  15. In the next area, jump over the zombies. They will be unable to chase you. Like I said, not the brightest..
  16. Grab an axe from the tool shed and use it to make a hole in the fence to get to the next area.
  17. Move across the area and press B to break the planks when you are at the top.
  18. Head to the right when you are outside until you find a lost page of your diary.
  19. Climb down the ladder and sprint across the bridge before it collapses. Climb to the top of the area until Randal comments abotu it getting dark.
  20. Check out the $100 bill on the ground. Unfortunately, money is useless in this world.
  21. Head through the wave of enemies and climb onto the roof of the next structure. Go to the right and jump your way towards the first aid kit.
  22. After the cutscene, destroy the zombie and examine the blue handkerchief.
  23. Use your sprint jump to get across and taunt the zombies once you reach them in order to get them close to you. As soon as they get close, jump over them and continue running to the right.
  24. Jump onto the first platform underneath the powerline and taunt the next wave of zombies to get them away from the door. Once you do so, tackle your way through this door.
  25. Climb to the top of the structure and continue to move across and through the Taxi Garage opening.
  26. Turn the lights on and drop the giant car onto the zombies. Jump up onto the car and move across the platform towards the left. Jump the fence and over into the area with the opening leading to the outside.
  27. Scale the wall that contains the opening you just came out of to reach the next area. You will know you are on the right track if you find a stranger’s ID.
  28. Jump up onto the high rise and into the next area with the auto glass shop.
  29. Climb up the next set of walls and observe the Wall Rebound tutorial.

  30. Press LT when making the next large jump to roll and avoid damage.
  31. In the next room, you will find another missing piece of your diary.
  32. Be careful when you walk out of the room you are in- there is a ton of lightning on the floor. Take one step out and jump on top of the structure. Make your way across while staying above the lightning.
  33. When you reach the end of the area, pick up the .38 special revolver. This will transition you into some revolver training. Shoot the shadow and aim for the head.
  34. Climb across the telephone wire. Jump over the zombies and open the door to the next room to find a first aid kit.
  35. When you reach the giant fire, scale the wall of the building until you reach the top.
  36. Examine the stranger’s ID and make your way onto the roof to knock over the water tower.
  37. Maneuver your way around the next set of zombies and head inside the structure. Climb the wall and crash the door to reach the room wher you find the graffiti on the wall.
  38. The planks are responsible for blocking your path. Taunt the zombies over towards where you are and they will break them for you.
  39. Go back to the graffiti room where it says “I’ll Kill You Freaks”. Now that you have a clear path, you can climb your way up until you reach the Testament letter.
  40. Move across and hang on the protruding ledge. Instead of jumping to the left and getting the higher ground, jump across to the right and you will be able to continue across. There is no way to make the jump from the high ground, even though it looks like the opposite would be true.
  41. Jump all the way across until you reach the building’s wall. Instead of going up from here, drop down to where the outside of the building is angled. Slide down it and jump across to the left.
  42. In the next structure, shut off the electricity and do a running roll to make it across before it comes back on. Push the crate over next to the wall to get to the next area. You will find a first aid kit and a postcard here.
  43. Push the shelves at the end of the room next to the door in order to get up to the next area.
  44. Once you’re outside in the pouring rain, climb across the powerline to avoid the zombies.
  45. In the next area, head across until you reach the trap door. You need a combination to get through it. You can find this four digit number in the area directly above the trap door.
  46. WHen you reach the outside again, tackle the door down and make your way past the cars and over the fence.
  47. When you reach the double wall, use the wall bounce to get through the area before the zombies reach you.
  48. Wait until the next wave of zombies is right next to the platform you’re on before jumping over them. Anyone else notice the “Exxcen” gas station??
  49. After the next cutscene, you will wake up to an unfamiliar, non apocalyptic world. You don’t really have to do anything but walk through it. Pay attention to the monologue though. The story is starting to develop here. That concludes it for this chapter of Deadlight.

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3 Comments on Deadlight Walkthrough


On August 4, 2012 at 11:08 pm

Love this playthrough man! even though I don’t own a Xbox, its a really good looking game.

Peter Hirniak

On September 1, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Amazing walkthrough. I wish more people would put up video walkthroughs. It really helps to have a visual representation of the gameplay to know where im at and how to pass frustrating parts of games, cuz finding where you are in a text walkthrough is more frustrating than figuring out the issue on your own. I really liked the way you did this video, being that you talked through it and reacted as you played was entertaining. Ill definetly be back for more.


On January 2, 2013 at 6:25 am

Cheers so much for the help! love your commentary too! heh heh!