Deadlight Walkthrough

Table of Contents


  1. Jump on the structure attached to the rope and signal the rat to go down.
  2. Head to the right and use the wall bounce to reach the planks. Climb the ladder on the wall on the right and jump across to the left again when you reach the top.
  3. Head through the door and move the big crate. Before climbing up the ladder, you can pick up a lost page of your diary.
  4. Head across the top of the sandbags. If you try to run across the floor, the spikes will crush you.
  5. Once you drop down from the ladder, run and jump across the crevices. If you step on them, you will be crushed. Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed, but you’re being chased by zombies, so mash your left button.
  6. Once you climb down the next ladder, examine the torn page on the ground. Just past the page, you will find a slingshot.
  7. Climb back up the ladder and shoot the wall to the right with your slingshot to unlock the next area.
  8. Jump all the way down the angled tunnel and be careful when you start dropping straight down. There will be a ton of spikes placed in different areas. You will have to go from hanging on one wire to another and descend slowly. Patience is key here. If you get out of control, you will probably fall into the spikes.
  9. Head across the room to the left and go down the ladder until you reach the very bottom of the sewer. Go across the water to the right until the conversation and cutscene with the rate dude begins.
  10. Go to the left and check the structure for a first aid kid. Continue up and scroll to the right.
  11. Use the block to activate the platform and have it take you up.
  12. Move to the left and move the block all the way over next to the wall in order to get over it. You will find an illustration of Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell if you check the dark room at the end.
  13. Climb the ladder and flip the switch to drop the block onto the platform. Talk to the rat man at the end of the path to move onto the next area.
  14. Jump across the area with the pressure plates and move as quickly to the right as you can to avoid dying.
  15. Continue up past the busted up subway car. Search the room on the right for a strangers I.D. before continuing up.
  16. Head to the right and avoid the pressure points again. Remember that Randal can’t swim in deep water, so wait for it to recede before crossing.
  17. Make your way all the way up and use the slingshot in order to reach the next area.
  18. In the next room. use your slingshot again and scroll across to the left. You will have to activate the machine in the other room and then sprint across to the left. This part is terrifying, but if you don’t waste a second you will make it.
  19. Go inside the destroyed subway car and grab the First Aid Kit.
  20. Jump on the platform into the next area and pull the crate to climb up out of the sewers and into the northern suburbs.
  21. The door is locked, so use your slingshot to break the glass above you. There will be plenty of zombies outside to greet you, so grab on to the power wire and climb across when you are out of their reach.
  22. Continue to the right and climb across the powerline and towards the next structure.
  23. Move through the identical rooms until you are prompted to use your slingshot. Hit the car and set the alarm off. Once you do so, take the opportunity to climb up towards the next power line.
  24. Go across the roof and you will find the treehouse to the right. Past the area where you find the torn page of your diary, you will run into a cutscene.
  25. Climb up the ladder and into the short cutscene. When you have control of Randal, keep running to the right.
  26. Descend the next structure until you get the “enemy spotted” message.
  27. Keep strolling across until you reach the roof.
  28. Run up the crane and be prepared to be fired at by a helicopter. Slide down the angled part of the roof and jump as you hold the directional button to the right to dodge this.
  29. Keep running to the right until you drop through the ground. You will find an axe and a first aid kit down here.
  30. Keep running and jump over all the boxes. Eventually, you will jump out of a window in order to avoid the gunfire of the helicopter.
  31. You will have a dream of the regular world again. Afterwards, you can find a page of your diary on the ground as you continue to scroll to the right.
  32. In the next area, run all the way across as quickly as you can. Once you go through the door, shut it immediately. Take care of the zombies that made it through with you and pick up the .38 revolver before continuing.
  33. Move across the parking garage on the level that is more elevated than where the zombies are. When you hit their level, run to the right and shoot the few zombies that get in front of you (you will be chased by a much larger number from the back).
  34. When you reach the outside, pick up the First Aid Kit.
  35. Make your way across to the right by grabbing onto the power line.
  36. When you climb all the way up, you will reach another cutscene. After it is over, pick up the lost page of your diary. To your right, another cutscene occurs. Looks like Ben is in trouble.
  37. Keep scrolling to the right, and once you make your way higher up, move left towards the empty stadium.
  38. Once you reach Ben, there will be a lengthy cutscene. Looks like you reached him just in time.
  39. When you get control of Randal again, scroll all the way to the right. Examine the thing that looks like a gear to have your maximum health increased.
  40. Make your way up by scaling the wall. When you reach the hospital area, break open the door and use your gun to destroy the zombies that rush you.
  41. Run all the way to the left. Randal will get cornered by the shadows and jump out the window to escape. After the cutscene, head to the right to finish the Hunters potion. Only one more act to go!

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3 Comments on Deadlight Walkthrough


On August 4, 2012 at 11:08 pm

Love this playthrough man! even though I don’t own a Xbox, its a really good looking game.

Peter Hirniak

On September 1, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Amazing walkthrough. I wish more people would put up video walkthroughs. It really helps to have a visual representation of the gameplay to know where im at and how to pass frustrating parts of games, cuz finding where you are in a text walkthrough is more frustrating than figuring out the issue on your own. I really liked the way you did this video, being that you talked through it and reacted as you played was entertaining. Ill definetly be back for more.


On January 2, 2013 at 6:25 am

Cheers so much for the help! love your commentary too! heh heh!