Deadlight Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The New Law

  1. Scroll to the right through the dialogue and pick up the I.D. of a Stranger in the rubble.
  2. Climb over the wall and search the corpse to find some ammo.
  3. Cross over the water and run as fast as you can once you hit the ground to avoid being crushed.
  4. Once in the building, you will have to go outside and shoot a hole in the upper wall to create an opening.
  5. Scroll to the right and pick up the First Aid Kit. Continue until you reach the tower.
  6. Climb up the tower and get over to the other side. Be careful when dropping back down not to land in the water.
  7. Keep scrolling to the right until you reach a shack and witness a creepy cutscene.
  8. Move until you find a lost piece of your diary. Go through the opening just beyond this location for another cutscene.
  9. Once you have control of your character again, call the zombie over to the door. Ram the door once it gets close for an easy, amo-less kill.
  10. After the next cutscene, Stella will follow you. You can press X to help her climb.
  11. Head across when you reach the outside and break down the door all the way to the right to enter the next area.
  12. When you get control of Randall again, be prepared to run. Be careful here- you will have to pull Stella up when you jump the gap. And quickly too.
  13. Once you hear Stella screaming, quickly head to the right and use your rifle to take out the attacking zombie.
  14. Once you are outside again, ignore all the zombies and run to the right as you jump the fences in your path.
  15. Once Stella starts complaining about too many shadows, you’re going to have to.. you guessed it.. fight a bunch of shadows. Be liberal with your ammo here.. it’s the only way to survive.
  16. After the next cutscene, head to the right and pick up the lost page of your diary. A little bit further to the right, you will run into the last cutscene of the game. Congratulations on completing Deadlight!

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3 Comments on Deadlight Walkthrough


On August 4, 2012 at 11:08 pm

Love this playthrough man! even though I don’t own a Xbox, its a really good looking game.

Peter Hirniak

On September 1, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Amazing walkthrough. I wish more people would put up video walkthroughs. It really helps to have a visual representation of the gameplay to know where im at and how to pass frustrating parts of games, cuz finding where you are in a text walkthrough is more frustrating than figuring out the issue on your own. I really liked the way you did this video, being that you talked through it and reacted as you played was entertaining. Ill definetly be back for more.


On January 2, 2013 at 6:25 am

Cheers so much for the help! love your commentary too! heh heh!